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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by applegirl0210, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Dec 17, 2012
    I purchased a macbook pro 13-inch late August 2012. After 2 months, a distorted display started to appear. I immediately contacted the branch of the Authorized Reseller where I bought the unit. I brought it to their technician and had to surrender it for further diagnosis. I told them how I handled my laptop with so much care. I was able to get it back after 1 week and it seemed like the distorted display was fixed. They said there were loose wires or something like that which caused the distortion. (I don't know how it happened considering the fact that I always place my macbook on a flat surface.)

    One month after the repair, the distorted display started to appear again. This is a $1,199.00 worth of technology and i really am afraid that after the 1-year warranty, I might get more problems with the unit and I have to pay for the repair. Another concern is that I only have this macbook for less than 5 months and I had to bring it for repair twice already. Is there a possibility that this is a factory defect? And is there any way that I can get this replaced with a new unit?
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    Contact apple, they're the ones who may or may not replace it. Just be polite and explain the situation. Perhaps talking to a supervisor my be more helpful
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    It may be best to just go to a Apple store or contact Apple directly and have them send out something for you to send it to them and get it fixed with out having to do it third party ( authorized seller bull crap ). I'm not exactly sure how times it takes for something to get fixed before a replacement is allowed.
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    something else to consider is that you can buy applecare any time within that 1 year warranty to extend it out to a 3 year warranty.

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