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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by chrysek, Nov 12, 2013.

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    I did go to Apple Store on 14th St in Manhattan and I was trying to look at the new MacBook Pro 13inch vs 15inch, I looked about the mac and diskplay information and I did resolution as 2880x1600 on MacBook Pro 13inch, I was surprised as it should not show 2880 but 2560. So I did look at another 13inch macbook pro and it was exactly the same. The guy from Apple who was helping me was very puzzled as well especially that on website and everywhere else it should be 2560... What am I missing? Friend of mine purchased MacBook Pro 13 inch and it does show 2560 for him, why those two MacBook Pros in the store show 2880? I did not check others just two. Help is greatly appreciated in solving that puzzle as I would like to purchase one of those laptops and certainly would love to get 2880 if I had a choice rather than 2560 model :) Can this number be spoofed? Is it some glitch in that store for those two laptops?
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    Macbooks in the stores are preloaded with demo version of software which is not what you get when you buy it. They tend to have bugs. At least this is what I was told by clerk at Apple reseller's store when I asked why search in launchpad doesn't work..
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    but thats weird, I am very surprised by it because I did go there to play with it, now I feel I am cheated on because I see 2880x1600 resolution on MacBook Pro 13inch and I want it, I dont want the other one... Also if gives me a bad feeling about apple because how easy for them is to give you false expectations. I seriously thought before going to apple store that either 2560x1600 is the actual resolution, then you go to screen preferences and surprise, its not the resolution they advertising, you have 4 other modes to chose from, and not even 1080p is one of the native resolutions there. Yeah they using retna and superb quality display but its just false advertisement to me. :(
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    Before we start, please paragraph your post. Just a way to organize your text so we could read it easier.

    Anyway, the Apple Store probably has the 13-inch at a scaled resolution of 1440x900, which causes the resolution to show as 2880x1800 in About This Mac. Many people call it the sweet spot of the resolutions offered.

    Some other person must have changed it, since I don't think the employees would have changed it.
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    But this was on two of the imacs that I looked at, it was not on just one. I did not look at more of them. I was just surprised to see it, also the Apple guy who was helping me was also very surprised when I asked him about it.

    Is there a command line that I can open term and see native resolution what is supported by that display rather than relying on that display? I asked friend of mine who has the new 13 inch to see and he does see the right resolution as advertised and not the higher resolution.


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