Macbook Pro 15" (A1150) won't turn on

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by stylez23, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. stylez23 macrumors member

    Jan 4, 2007
    One of my friend's MBP won't turn on. The status light goes on for about 3 seconds than turns back off. I don't think the HDD spins and nothing on the screen comes up (looks like it doesn't even turn on). I tried to remove the battery and did the SMC reset and still nothing.
    Any ideas or tips?
  2. EMKarelia macrumors regular


    Jun 22, 2009
    Sorry to hear that. It looks like your hard drive went out.If you have apple care you can get it replaced at the mac store. Just save your stuff.
  3. stylez23 thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 4, 2007
    Unfortunately the MBP is out of warranty already..

    However, if the HDD is out... wouldn't it still be able to boot?

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