Macbook Pro 15 Gets Very Warm - Does That Matter?


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Jun 8, 2009
We have two Macbook Pro's here. One is a 15" and the other is a 17". For some reason the MBP 15 gets much warmer to the touch than the 17. Do you think the 15 gets hotter than the 17 because its a smaller space to cram everything in? Does it hurt the computer when it gets warm?



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Apr 30, 2004
All the 15's I've ever experienced (a helluva lot) have run hot. I'd say accept it and move on, and personally wouldn't go screwing around with SMC FanControl. I've got a 15" MBP here that's now just over a year old - it's almost burnt me a few times but generally ventilated right (iCurve ftw) - and it's been fine since the day it came out it's box. My flatmate has the same with a 2006 model - old, hot, peachy.

No need to worry. ;)

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Jul 25, 2003
Before I got my Core i7 iMac, I used to do video editing on my 15" MBP all the time. That thing would get screaming hot. Just make sure it's getting good ventilation (keep it on a firm and flat surface) and it will be fine.

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