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Jul 13, 2011
My macbook pro 15 inch 2010 model has been having issues for a long while.
I need to get it fixed so it works.
The apple guys said to open up a new profile to see if it did the same problem.
Initially it was fine then it started turning off,etc.
I just saw the above option NOW.
I had no idea they were doing this.

Issues with my original profile:
Fan runs at high speeds for no reason.
Turns off randomly.
black screen-'your macbook has encountered a problem'- when it turns back on.
I did the 'turn off macbook then hold down control,option,shift' thing just now.
Any ideas how to fix it permanently?



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Oct 11, 2015
Have same issue. Didn't know if I signed up for Apple care and then reported the issue if they would fix it.


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Oct 24, 2013
That comuter is 5 years old it's 2 years past it's warranty and the extended warranty to fix this issue ended over 18 months ago. You are pretty much on your own, pay a third party technician to fix it, try and do it yourself or accept you need a new computer, as I see it those are your options.
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