Macbook Pro 15 late 2011 8,2 ( need info for upgrade )

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by vpsycho, Oct 19, 2014.

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    Hi everyone

    ı have macbook pro 15 inch late 2011 8,2. İt is i7 2.2 ghz and yosemite os x. I wanna add ram and ssd but first ram. I checked some sites but can not find any clear info. İf someone have answers for these questions please help mecause ı dont have good technical knowledge about systems:

    1: as ı sad i wanna add ram. i checked it and current ram is 2x2 4 gb 1333 mhz ram. apple official announce that 8,2 mbp's does not support 1600 mhz and more than 8 gb ram. But most of sites and users on amazon says they add 16 gb 1600 mhz ram. Some says it works well some says 8 gb or 16 gb doesnt eeffect much speed only %1 or %2 and some says system shows 1600 mhz and 8 or 16 gb but mbp dont use more than 4 gb ram and even you have 1600 mhz the clock still works on 1333 mhz.

    shortly i am full confused. Currently my os is yosemite and ı use my mac for only watching videos, internet and office mostly word. Weirdly when ı first buy my macbook pro it was really fast but now it is slower. So some of people maybe say you dont need ram and ssd but wanna use this laptop lon years. So if some has clear infor please tell me. maybe cause of my english you guys can not understand easily shortly:

    1: should ı buy 4x4 8 gb or 8x8 16 gb?
    2: 1333 mhz or 1600 mhz?
    3: howmuch performance gain i can get between 8 gb - 16 gb?
    4: Corsair or curicial?

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    Canada, eh!
    Your MBP takes PC3-10600 DDR3 1333 MHz type RAM. The Apple support page is here,

    Officially, it takes 8GB but 16GB works also.

    As for performance, it depends on how you use your machine. 16GB probably isn't much more expensive than 8GB.

    I'm not sure of the difference of the brands. But I assume they give approximately the same performance. Go with the best warranty and price.
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