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Aug 12, 2013
In lieu of the new upgrades to the MBP line, I'm wanting to get an idea of how good this machine still is.

I currently have a MBP 15 late 2013 model with the 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM configuration, 2.0Ghz processor. I purchased it from the refurbished store last year and I think I only paid around $1,300 for it, it was a pretty good price.

From my understanding the Mid 2014 upgrade was negligible at best with only a slight processor bump and the 2015 only received a faster SSD, processor, and force touch trackpad?

Other then that, I believe the processor line and IGPU was all the same correct?

I pretty much use this machine as a desktop replacement. It rarely leaves my desk except occasionally to take it to the kitchen table or other parts of the house. I have a mouse hooked up to it most the time, and I only use it for basic computing tasks such as internet, word processing, storing files and documents, and streaming media.

There are also times where I just prefer sitting and using a 15" screen instead of my smartphone...

I'm jut wondering how long it will last, I have 109 battery cycles on it, wondering when I'll need to change the battery or when the software starts passing the hardware. I know Haswell processors are very good and this model is largely unchanged even from the 2015 version.

I've thought about looking into Windows laptops but I just cannot even come close to finding one that matches the fit and finish and quality of a MBP. The only one that I even remotely getting close is the Dell XPS but I've heard it has its own array of issues as well.

I typically review this once a year when Apple releases new laptops. As we move more into a mobile market I'm using my computer less and less, but I still can't bring myself to switch to iOS only. I still feel like I have to have a computer to store all my information and times where a computer is truly needed compared to a phone or tablet.


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Mar 25, 2012
Auckland, New Zealand
109 cycles is great for that age!
The last few rounds of processor upgrades have been more about energy efficiency rather than significant speed increases (generally). Based on the tasks you described, better battery capacity and greater processor speed aren't huge issues. You would notice the faster SSD's - I certainly did - but if its still serving you well, why spend the money to upgrade.

The only reason I upgraded from a similar model is because my battery was failing (700+ cycles) and I still need a good battery as I use it out of home/office.


Nov 3, 2011
My Late 2013 15" is still rocking! Other than in not passing ASD and causing me to force restart a few times a week. :)


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Sep 3, 2006
I remember, when I purchased my mbp 15' late 2013 at the beginning of 2014,
that it booted in os in just seconds.
Now, 8 years later and with mac os big sur installed,
it takes about a whole minute to complete boot and allow me to get into os environment.

Is this normal? What happens and there is such degradation?
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