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    Nov 17, 2012
    Hi i have recently ordered and received my new MacBook Pro 15" MD103A.
    My problem is, that since yesterday my FAN is always at 3500RPM no matter what i do. I is kind of disturbing.
    What i did so far:
    1) Installed new Memory: 16GB Corsair Venegance + Memtest
    2) Copied over some old files from my old MBA
    3) Installed a some software.

    To make some "Performance" test ive installed Valves-Steam and HalfLife2 and ran it at maximum settings. No Crash No Problems Loud Fan ^^.

    And i feel like since i did that my Mac is always loud.
    MiStat currently says that all temp. sensors are below 40°C but the Fans are at 3500RPM.

    I already did a SMC Reset.

    Attached are some MiStat Statistics.

    What should i do?

    I just ran the Diag. Tool by Apple - no problems found
    I booted up in Safemode - no difference
    I removed all start up items - no difference

    I listened carefully: During the Diag. the Fans were silent.
    Just for 2 times they were pushed for 2 sec.

    When i boot the system up, the MAC is silent just 3 secs before the login interface appears the Fans go up.

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  2. nopw thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 17, 2012
    The problem has been solved.
    I have had a fully day of research and talks to others.

    This is a post now for all those who might have a similar issue:
    "My Fan is loud" / "My Fan is always at a high RPM" / "Fan behaves strange"

    First of all it might have been some "Tool" that has or had an influence to your SMC.
    In my case i have no idea what caused it but here is the procedure.

    Get MiStat or any other Tool providing CPU Temperature and Fan-RPM.
    If your CPU is at a high load, but you think you are IDLE do the following:

    1) Check all your Active Processes with the Activity Monitor - "all processes"
    and remove potential cpu heavy processes causing a high load.

    2) Check your Agents, Deamons and StartUpItems: (Finder - GoTo)
    and see if theres anything performance heavy to sort out

    3) Perform a SMC Reset.

    4) Do a hardware diagnostic

    If nothing helped or your are at the point where your CPU is below 50°C but the RPM is higher than 2000, something is wrong.

    Something must have interfered with your minimum RPM settings.

    5) Download : smcFanControl 2.4 or higher (
    Check how low you can set your RPM. If that is anything higher than 2000 go ahead.

    6) Download : fanControl 1.2 or higher (
    here you can set (re-set) the BASE-SPEED to what you need or want.
    Your Mac will not allow or accept a lower speed than the one intended by apple.
    Try to set it to 2000RPM and check on MiStat if your Fan goes down.
    (might take a minute)

    That solved it for me! :apple:

    Thanks for reading


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