MacBook Pro 2006 2,2 Freezing Fun


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Jan 15, 2015
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Over the past week, I have been rebuilding my MBP 2006 2,2. I bought it a few years back in hopes to use it as my main. I did for a while(performed beautifully at the time) and eventually I would upgrade to spec-wise better computers(Mac and Windows, I flip flopped for a bit). Anyway, I pulled it out of my closet and used some MBP 4,1 parts to fix it up. Bought a battery with 9 cycles on it, which lasts quite a bit. Got some more parts on the way but it's in a pretty usable state right now.

Here are the specs:
Core 2 Duo 2.16Ghz
2x2GB DDR2 OWC Sticks
Radeon x1600 128mb
Sandisk Z400S 256GB SSD

So right away I installed Mountain Lion on the 2,2. Which ran okay, except for one issue which was freezing. Intensive applications would cause it to beachball. Like opening up Photoshop CC 2014. Which would work and sometimes freeze. Not very reliable. So I took it down to Lion which is natively supported, however I faced the same issue. Freezing when I'd use an application too intensive. In this case, Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 would cause it to freeze. When I say freeze , I mean it locks up the system entirely requiring me to reboot. I have enabled trim on both OSes as well for the SSD. So now I am currently in the process of installing Snow Leopard on the 2,2. Figured maybe I'd come here to share and see if anyone has any advice on the issue.



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Oct 22, 2018
I have a MacBook Pro 2,2 here too.. just trying to figure out which OS to install.
I'd test the RAM first too...

Wish you luck! Please report back.
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