MacBook Pro 2009 screen flickering issue

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by tyb1987, May 4, 2011.

  1. tyb1987 macrumors newbie

    May 4, 2011
    I am using a macbook pro 2009 5.5 at the moment. Unfortunately the macbook pro itself got the flickering issue as shown on this video.

    May I know what is the problem about the mbp? How to fix it please? Thanks
  2. hhaggis, Apr 25, 2013
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    hhaggis macrumors newbie

    Feb 22, 2008
    Macbook Pro 2009 flickering screen needs logic board

    Hi, I am sorry to read about your problem, I too are having the same problem. There seem to be only quick fixes for this issue that don't work for long. As in my Macbook Pro 2.8GHZ Mid 2009 it started to happen just outside of warranty, So I contacted AppleCare by letter to complain about my Macbook Pro fault and within a week an AppleCare representative telephoned me and said that they will try and get it repaired under an "AppleCare Exception " and to take the laptop to my nearest Apple store for the people behind the desk to verify that it was a hardware fault and not just software.. They plugged my laptop up to the Apple server software and came back with..*
    Issue also present when running MRI.
    Proposed Resolution: Replace main logic board.

    Board, Logic, 2.8 GHz
    £ 378.00
    £ 378.00
    Part - S1490LL/A
    Hardware Repair Labor
    £ 24.00
    £ 24.00
    £ 80.40
    £ 402.00
    £ 482.40

    I left my laptop with the apple store for repair under the AppleCare Exception and after a week the same AppleCare representative telephoned me and said that Apple were no longer prepared to repair the laptop due to a feeble excuse that the fault is with Nvidia 9400m GPU (graphics processing Unit) There was an "Out of warranty replacement program" for the Nvidia Graphics card... But because the Nvidia 9400m GPU is soldered to the logic board it can't be classed as a graphics card and refused repair. I have complained in writing from UK to Apple HQ in US twice and both times it was sent to*Executive Relations EMEIA Department in Ireland. I have emailed Tim Cook twice to complain that there should be a program for all that have this problem.. But still it gets delegated to Ireland, And still no repair.. I sent him an email entitled.. " Goodbye from a loyal Apple user " (20 year veteran) and still to no avail. So I said in my email that due to my £1800 laptop only lasting just over 3 years, I would buy a cheap pc laptop that would probably last the same amount of time.. But install Os X.. it has been sent to EMEIA in Ireland Again. most likely with the same outcome. I have sent Tim Cook web links to look here and over the internet about the 9400m GPU screen flickering problem to show him and Apple that it is a matter to be addressed. For all of us.
  3. relsah macrumors newbie

    Aug 5, 2008
    same thing happened to my late 2008 mbpro, and the same reasoning was given by the apple genius. so i replied with, "prove to me that it was not the graphics card that caused the problem". guess what? they could not so they just honored to fix my out of warranty mbpro.
  4. hhaggis macrumors newbie

    Feb 22, 2008
    Hi Relsah,

    Many thanks for the idea.. It at least puts Apple is a weird position to prove that the fault was the 9400m to start with..I did have my superdrive replaced for the 3rd time in my Macbook Pro of which the last time was just out of warranty under an AppleCare exception... who's to say that the technician at Apple didn't accidentally zap my logic board with static... But that would be a hard one to prove on my part. Please see the email that I have just sent to Tim Cook with your inspiration. Please note, I am rubbish at writing letters..

    Hi Mr Tim Cook C.E.O,

    MacBook Pro Display Flickering

    Serial No - xxxxxxxx

    AppleCare Exception Ref- xxxxxxxx

    Repair No. xxxxxx

    I have many times sent letters and emails to you with regards to the below mentioned Macbook Pro and every time I get delegated to your Executive Relations EMEIA Department of Apple Inc in Ireland. And every time I keep getting the same response that due to there is no " out of warranty replacement program" for the Nvidia 9400m GPU / screen flickering fault that Apple refuse to repair my Macbook Pro. To address the fault in another way I shall comment by saying that the Original AppleCare representative asked me to go to my nearest Apple store (90 miles round trip at my own expense.. TWICE) to have the Genius test the laptop for a " HARDWARE " fault. It was tested for a " Hardware" fault and it was proven the laptop DID have a hardware fault. and came back with ...

    Issue also present when running MRI.
    Proposed Resolution: Replace main logic board. (see attached below)

    In the test it did NOT specify the actual hardware fault lay with the Nvidia 9400m GPU. It may have been a " Hardware fault " with another major component within the MacBook Pro Such as the LOGIC BOARD. So all that can be left to say to try and resolve this Easily rectifiable problem.... "prove to me that it was not the graphics card that caused the problem"

    Please refer to attached "Apple Store Work Authorisation file " for the diagnostic test results that only proved that there was a Hardware issue.. As the test was run from your own testing software that rendered my OS X installation " Not running" So eliminates any possible software/ Driver problems.

    Best Regards
  5. macalec macrumors 6502

    Mar 12, 2012
    I had a 2008 unit do this to me, and they simply gave me a new macbook. I would complain to a supervisor at the Apple Store. I have heard the nivida issue affected more than just apple.

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