Macbook Pro 2010 or 2011?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by JamerTheProgram, Feb 20, 2012.

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    My Macbook Aluminium 2008 is almost as good as dying. The screen flashes as I boot into OSX, sometimes when I press the power button nothing happens, the fans run but nothing else. Sometimes some graphical glitches. I also swear that the GPU performance has decreased pretty dramatically.
    It also has lots of skin chipping. (Note: I take good care of my laptops, but it went everywhere with me)
    Sometimes it doesnt charge.
    But keep this in mind.. I did everything on that machine.
    I mean everything. I had 20 Finder windows open. Along with 8 xCode windows up with Google Chrome with 20 tabs open along with an XP virtual machine running in the background. It has been everywhere with me. On holidays and everything, it has also (when it was used) kept on 24/7 till 1:30 am.
    I had to replace it in 2011 because I was worried it would break on a holiday or on an importent day. So I replaced it with a iMac in the middle of 2011 to take the load off. Then sold tonnes of equipment I didnt need and bought a second hand cheap Sony Vaio laptop with a good GPU. Which is great, but I have gotten really involved into iOS development (I have a project that has potential). So I am thinking about selling my vaio and saving along with that for a second hand Macbook Pro.
    [Novel over]
    So to cut a long stories short, I want a Macbook Pro, but I cannot afford the 15 model only the 13. Which is fine, I prefer the 13 inch ones. But I dont like the fact that the 2011 MBP 13 has a HD 3000. GPU performance for me is cucial. Im planning to go into games development.
    I can afford a 15 Inch Macbook Pro 2009, but that has a C2D.
    Im worried that Apple will outmode C2D machines soon.
    So yeah...
    If your wondering why I give my machines such use is because I am a total geek.
    It also needs to play Minecraft at a suitable frame rate.
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    Think you'll be fine playing Minecraft on any machine 2009 and up :D The C2D's are still really powerful. Check Youtube for gaming vids of each laptop so you can see how each machine performs on the games you like.
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    One Infinite Lo- I've said too much...
    Thanks for replying :D
    Well, they are already outmoding the early 2008 MBP's D: What happens when 10.9 comes out? I wonder if they will kill off the 1.9 ones.
    I have seen the i5 MBPs/MBA play MC pretty well... But I hate the Intel integrated cards with a vengeance. Imo I think its not good that Apple switched back to using an Intel GPU. But hey, cant have everything. I think I might go with the i5 ones. Still sceptical though..
    Thanks :)

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