MacBook Pro 2011 blue screen with vertical lines


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Nov 24, 2018

My MacBook Pro 2011 A1286 seems to boot past the Apple icon and progress bar at startup but then the screen goes blue with black vertical strips.

Booting in single user mode seems to say that it can’t read the hard disk but I have created an El Capitian bootable usb installer which has the same issue and have tried a different drive internally.

I ran a full Apple Diagnostic but this didn’t find any issues.

I have previously attempted to disable the AMD graphics card via Linux which was working fine.

Please can someone suggest the cause of this issue?



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Jul 30, 2018
That same symptom appeared on my late 2011 MBP back in 2017 (conveniently two months after the replacement program expired).
I sent the system board in and had the AMD GPU replaced, and it's been working perfectly since then [*1].
The place I sent it to for the GPU replacement doesn't appear to be doing it any longer.

[*1] - My 2011 MBP doesn't see much use now that I've got a new 2018 MBP. But, for the 14 months, or so, that I used it post-GPU repair, I never saw that blue screen with vertical bars again.
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