Macbook Pro (2011) Gaming Roundup

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by w00t951, Jun 19, 2011.

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    I wanted to share some game statistics with my 6750M, overclocked to 790 MHz core and 1000 MHz memory @ 0.955V. My processor is the i7-2820QM @ 2.3 GHz. It would be great if people could post their experience with games and/or overclocking!

    Crysis 2 - 1440x900, High - Glitchy. Doesn't appear to efficiently use all system resources. Framerate goes up and down. Minimizes well, but doesn't like to sleep.

    Dead Space 2 - 1440x900, High, No AA and no Vsync - Very well made game. Framerate shoots up into the 70s and 80s for most of the time, sometimes breaks 90 and sometimes dips below 60. Vsync is disabled because it locks the framerate at 30 instead of 60 for some odd reason.

    Mirror's Edge - 1440x900, Max Settings, No AA or PhysX - Well made game. Framerate locks at 60. Minimizes and maximizes very well with Windows Aero enabled.

    Mass Effect 2 - 1440x900, Max Settings, No AA/Anistropic Filtering - Well made game. Framerate locks at 60. Minimizes, maximizes, and sleeps like a boss.

    Black Ops (Campaign) - 1440x900, Max Settings, No AA/Anistropic Filtering - One of the crappiest games ever made. Uses up a ton of resources to make a game that runs and looks terrible. Don't try to minimize this or sleep it.

    Black Ops (Zombies) - 1440x900, Max Settings, 2x AA/ 50% Anistropic Filtering - Strangely, the Zombies portion of Black Ops runs so much better than the single or multiplayer portions do. May be something to do with the smaller maps sizes. Still takes up a lot of resources and doesn't like to minimize or sleep, but it is more efficient.

    Black Ops (Multiplayer) - 1440x900, Max Settings, No AA/Anistropic Filtering - Runs inconsistently, framerate goes up and down. Still takes up a lot of resources and has trouble minimizing.

    Portal 2 - 1440x900, Max Settings, 2x AA, 16x Anistropic Filtering - It's based off of the Source Engine. Runs like a champ. Locks at 60 frames per second. Minimizes well but has trouble sleeping.

    Team Fortress 2 - Same settings as Portal 2 - Source Engine. Locks at 60 frames per second. Excellent performance. Minimizes well and sleeps well, but server generally loses connection.

    Arma II - Didn't even try. Lags a lot and looks worse than Counter Strike.

    Bad Company 2 - 1440x900, Custom -> All Medium, No AA/Anistropic Filtering - Multiplayer locks at 60 frames, but singleplayer is very inconsistent. You probably won't notice it because no one plays Bad Company 2 for the singleplayer campaign.

    Resident Evil 5 - 1440x900, All High, No AA - Very well made game, but there's a glitch that bothers me. When Vsync is on, the character model will jerk around as if it's out of sync with the environment. It bothers me enough to turn Vsync off, or lower the resolution.

    Modern Warfare 2 - 1440x900, All High, No AA - Very well made by Infinity Ward. The only thing that makes the framerate go below the 60 frame lock is the FMJ attachment (the one that makes red sparks when you shoot something). I've seen it lag many different gaming rigs, and I'm pretty sure it's just a problem with the way FMJ sparks are rendered rather than the computer's performance.

    If anyone was wondering, I overclocked with ATI Tray Tools. For more information, refer to the thread called "EXTREME 6750M OVERCLOCKING." The search function should show it as the first in the list.
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    Nice post. I know it is not demanding at all, but do you mind adding counter strike to that?
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    I hope you mean source, and even then it's a stretch. I'm sure you're looking at quadruple digit FPSes for 1.6.
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    Mines the lower base of MacBook Pro 13" @2.3GHz
    On League of Legends I get around 30-40 FPS on low/medium setting and 25FPS on high setting.

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