MacBook Pro 2012 white screen issue

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by JDahlB, Aug 10, 2015.

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    First of all, Hi. First post here. So keep that in mind in case this doesn't fall under the right topic.
    Anyway. I'm on a MacBook Pro 2012 (i think), it was like one of the first pros with retina display. I was working in a music program when suddenly the screen went black and the sound "froze". I rebooted it, it chimed, Apple logo comes up, it starts loading and then it goes into a white screen / grey-ish screen.
    The cmd + R doesn't work.
    The Alt sends me into the screen with HDD options (I have Macintosh HD, Bootcamp and an old backup thing. Neither works.
    I've tried target mode it with a friend but it doesn't show up on his computer (which wasn't a surprise given the thunderbolt has never worked).
    I've tried cmd + S and ran the whole thing, did that extended thing (can't remember the command) and it said something "all systems are OK". So I hit reboot and it goes to the same white screen after loading.
    Running cmd +R doesn't work either, if I remember right it gave me a black screen.
    Now the interesting part is that after I waited 20 minutes and turned it on, it worked straight away. So while having it working, I decided to back the whole thing up (luckily). After backing up I ran Cubase (the music program) and it gave me a good 5 minutes of running before freezing again.
    So there you go! I've searched and read most posts about similar problems but it's the same old "solutions" that don't work. What's weird is that I believe the HDD is working, because I don't get the question mark upon start up, and it actually was working for hours while I did the back up, but the music program made it crash. Could it be the video card? Unlikely right? Since EVERYTHING ACTUALLY WORKED FOR A LONG TIME. Like I've said, I have tried most things, even that cmd+option+R+P reset or whatever it was. Any ideas PLEASE!?
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