Macbook Pro (2015) 13 base model- erratic/laggy trackpad at random times-

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by uptempos, Jul 20, 2015.

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    Jan 25, 2015
    I noticed after 2 months of using my macbook, my trackpad would sometimes be uncontrollable. It gets real laggy, and the trackpad cursor just randomly shoots all over the screen, randomly clicking on things.

    This has occured even during factory reset install, the cursor became incredibly unusable (this rules out apps)

    Heres what I already did to troubleshoot
    -performed repair permissions in recovery mode
    -did the smc nvpam (or whatever you call it) resets
    -ran apple hardware test- all passed
    -ran memtest- all passed
    -disabled bluetooth
    -it becomes erratic even with or without power adapter
    -it seems to happen randomly, but more so when the computer is underload
    -if you close the lid and reopen, it fixes itself for a little bit, before returning after 30min-hour
    -cleaned the trackpad itself, blew air cans through it. (never spilled anything on it) never dropped. 2 months old.

    -Could the updates have permanently done something?
    -I am stumped. Is this part of a performance issue that is common with the new macbooks?
    -The cursor first feels like it lags, then jumps all over the screeen, then within a minute it slowly becomes usuable again.
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