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    Oct 19, 2017

    My insurance company is replacing my 2014 MacBook pro (core i7 3ghz processor, 8gb ram, 512gb HD) and I'm finding it difficult to compare the new processors with older ones.

    They have offered either the non-touch bar 13inch model with an upgraded 512gb HD and a 2.5ghz i7 processor which turbo boosts to 4.0ghz as a suitable replacement. They have also offered a cash settlement (which would mean I could go for the standard configuration of the touch bar model with a 3.3ghz i5 processor which can turbo boost to 3.7ghz.) I don't know much about processors, and I'm quite a heavy user of multitasking as a student (sometimes have 20+ browsing tabs when writing assignments and listen to music/watch videos etc. I don't tend to use photoshop or other specialist photo or video editing software)

    TLDR - am I better off with touch bar I5 3.3ghz turbo boost to 3.7ghz or non-touch bar 2.5ghz i7 turbo boost to 4ghz - is there much difference between the two.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    It will make very little difference to that use case, to be honest any current MacBook can easily do that stuff without breaking sweat get whichever one you desire.
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    There's a thread somewhere (which I can't be bothered to find ATM, sorry) on this general topic, which concludes that the i5 will be faster for some things and the i7 faster for others. The i7 will in general be faster until it goes into thermal throttling, at which point it's likely to be slower.

    I agree that for your use-case I can't imagine that there would be any significant difference. If you can get them to give you one of the options with 16 Gb RAM, go that route and don't worry about the CPU. As for TB vs nTB, that's probably personal preference.
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