MacBook Pro 6,2 DIY FusionDrive Crash

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by siberiansun, Sep 5, 2013.

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    Sep 5, 2013
    Hey there!

    The Project DIY FusionDrive on my 2010 MBP is now - sadly - finished for me.

    Here are some informations I'd like to share with you:

    Problems: the filesystem crashed three times now. mac OS tries to repair something but no luck. (verbosemode tells me: incorrect number of extended attributes, incorrect number of Access Control Lists,...)

    So i had to delete/undo the FusionDrive and start from scratch.
    First two times i had a configuration that apple is not supporting (ok, none of what I'm doing is supported) I managed to get windows runing on a split-up partition of the SSD plus using the second partition for the FusionDrive. Windows was working fine and everything worked until one day my mac file system crashed. my battery was low and the laptop was not able to recover from deep sleep aka hibernation. later i found that it was not able to recover hibernation at all. it's saving something to the disk, after turning on again it tries to load and restarts, then booting into the os withour recovering.

    So i then restored my backup into a FusionDrive without Windows, because i thought the problem was caused by Windows. But now it crashed again. Without the battery dead, just a normal restart (ok, i installed Paragon NTFS befor restarting, but I don't think that this causes such a problem)

    and another thing is that I'm using FileVault for security reasons. Maybe it's connected with the problem - I don't know..

    I do have backups but its quite a hassle to reinstall everything, so now i have to split my backup into files and programs to reinstall with two seperated drives. :( wish me luck..

    If anyone knows where the problems are comming from.. or encountered similar problems please start discussion here..
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