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Mar 5, 2007
Hi everyone,
I am going on a week long camping trip in September.
The primary focus of the trip for me is photography.
Because of that, having my MacBook is almost essential. Especially for backing up the raw files to external ssd, reviewing of the files, etc.
I have a portable generator for the trip so that isn’t an issue.
I am concerned about protecting the computer itself
I have a water resistant padded sleeve but I think I’d like something more
Most of the time I can keep it in our tent and in my friends truck when we are away from the tent.
I think I’d like a harder case than the sleeve. I have a basic Pelican case that I think will fit it.
Not sure if the sleeve and hard case will be ok.
Has anyone camped with their MBP and - if so- how did it work and what did you use?

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