Macbook Pro and Chrome problem for 2 years


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Jan 21, 2011
I have a 2016 Macbook Pro and for as long as I can remember about 2 years.. I have had a problem where if my macbook goes to "Sleep" or the Display turns off, then Chrome will not connect to the internet.

I cannot say for sure if it's "sleep" because the computer will turn the display off for a few seconds and when I go to load a website, the page will be constantly stuck loading in Chrome but will not receive any packets. Loading and loading and nothing will show up.

However, Safari and Firefox and every other application has no problem resuming activity.

I've also messed with every setting in power management like Wake on Lan and all that stuff. But the fact that I have internet in every app except Chrome tells me there is something wrong with my Macbook and Chrome specifically.

I've tried re-installing Chrome. I've tried factory wipe and re-installed the OS. I've removed every extension in Chrome to see if it was a problem there.

I've had the macbook sent in for service and they restore everything to factory and the problem still exists.

So at this point, I have no idea what is causing the problem but it is becoming unusable at this point.

If I have my Macbook open and get up to get some water and come back, the display is off and I'll have the internet cut out on Chrome ONLY.

The only way to resolve this is to Turn off the Wifi in the top menu and then wait about 5 seconds and turn it back on and it will reconnect.

I am on Mojave 10.14

Can anyone help?
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