Macbook pro and iphone 4s (ios7) not compatible. Cannot transfer music

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by j-to-the-r-o-c, Dec 29, 2013.

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    Dec 29, 2013
    First off, sorry if this is posted under the wrong category. I am new to this site and had no idea where I was to ask this question.
    Now, to adress my main concern. I recently had my (new) macbook pro stolen and in the process lost EVERYTHING (labs, work, music ect) (as I had nothing backed up) therefore I was forced to pick up an older model that was lying around my house (version 10.6.3 - 2.2 GHz intel core 2 duo - 1GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM (basically an old P.O.S)). I have since downloaded some music onto itunes on this computer and, after the fact, tried to sync my iphone 4s (which I regrettably upgraded to IOS 7 beforehand) to my macbook pro to transfer the music. In the process an error came up saying that I need itunes 11.1 or later for the two devices to be compatible with one-another. Therefore I am unable to transfer any music from my computer onto my phone at the current moment, as my itunes is version 10.6.3 and in order to update it to 11.1 I need lion (10.6.8). Therefore I am wondering is there any way, any at all, in which I can transfer my music from my itunes library to my iphone 4s (to the 4s' music library (not using dropbox or some other app of the same nature)) without updating my computer software to 10.6.8? (as I'm pretty sure my computer wont even be able to support 10.6.8).
    Any help regarding this annoying issue would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
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    10.6.8 isn't Lion. It's just the last release of Snow Leopard. You can definitely install this onto your Mac.

    10.7.x is Lion.
    10.8.x is Mountain Lion.
    10.9.x is Mavericks.
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    As mentioned 10.6.8 is not lion but Snow Leopard

    Since you're running the same base version of OSX (10.6), all you need to do is update to 10.6.8 then you can install iTunes
  4. j-to-the-r-o-c thread starter macrumors newbie

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