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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ajsnow6234, May 11, 2011.

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    Just a quick "success" story on buying AppleCare. I bought my 2010 MacBook Pro in April of 2010, the day they were launched. Sometime later in August I had an issue which caused it to not turn on. Genius Bar replaced the logic board and ram. Then in Janurary the computer would intermittently not boot...brought it back and they replaced the logic board, HDD cable, keyboard (after the last replacement the backlit keyboard didn't work). Two days ago I noticed the thing would just randomly lock up and the screen would look all I brought it in and showed them pictures of what it looks like. By this time I was a month out of my year warranty so glad I had AppleCare.

    After I explained what happened and they saw the service history, he just said...ok, I'm going to talk to my manager, I think it's time for a new one. I didn't act annoyed or frustrated, he just came right out and said that. I walked away with a brand new 2011 MacBook pro, 15" base model. Still is probably twice is fast as my last year's model and I'm happy with it. Really glad I use Time Machine so regularly...just plugged it in, waited an hour or so and I was good to go. Not to mention they gave me a new AppleCare plan with it so I'm still good for 3 years.

    Just sharing the good news...thank you AppleCare!

    EDIT: Best part about getting it replaced is an extra AC adapter for free!
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    great story. as long as you act down to earth and within reason, you should be treated accordingly. The fact that you were disappointed a few times by their efforts means they need to step up to the plate and do the right thing, or risk business from a repeat customer. It's more valuable for them to make you come back in the future than lose you now
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    I am sure that is why Apple has been so successful. Despite some exceptions to the rule they really seem to take care of us (customers). I was not even really disappointed in the past with the repairs they had to make. I was happy they were as thorough as they were. When they told me I was getting a new macbook, I wasn't surprised because of others stories I have heard...but I was very thankful. Very glad I bought AppleCare.
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    That rocks!!

    And it's another reason I'm staying with Apple. Their customer support is well above "top-notch". (and time machine and program restoration beats the snot out of Windows... )

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