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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Alexrat1996, Jul 17, 2015.

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    IM having an issue people I have a MacBook pro 2015 13.3 and I check coconut battery and current battery design is 99.99 and its two months old computer.I also check battery juice app and say 100.The current battery design was 100.3 before why did it go down to 99.99? I posted a photo below.

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    You have used 27 full charge cycles, which relates to 2.7% of the rated battery life.
    Your max battery capacity has now dropped (according to your figures) about 0.4%
    That has happened over about 2 months.

    So, by extension, you can expect your battery to last about 18 months, if you continue recharging at the same rate.
    Or, if your battery continues to lose capacity at the same rate, you can expect it to drop under 80% design capacity in a little over 4 years.
    Confused yet? You should be…
    There's not much you can do to reliably predict how long your battery will last, when comparing some information from the first couple of months. You DO want to note how long you can use your laptop on a single charge (do you get more than 7 or 8 hours on a single full charge? That's OK - all day! More is better. Less will be determined by how you use your MBPro.
    IMHO - Give it another 5 or 6 months before you decide that the battery is dropping too quickly.
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    No you're not. Run the computer off of the battery when you need to and charge it when you can. The readings on CoconutBattery will fluctuate over time, they're not accurate.

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