Macbook Pro battery issues/question

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by BizzyLeo, Sep 9, 2011.

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    I notice that my battery doesn't last the 7 hours like Apple advertises. I know that 7 hours is a base point and that the battery will most likely be less than that but my battery doesn't even get to 4 hours most of the time.

    I also notice that my Macbook Pro gets really hot. If I use it on my laps, I usually put a book or something so that the computer is not touching me (and keep my heat from hindering its cooling).

    As a side note, I keep the screen brightness at less than 50%. I try to stay in a cool area when I use it because hot computers make me uncomfortable (lol). And I usually go online (facebook, email, googling stuff) or look through my pictures. I'm still 'moving in', so I'm trying to tag people's faces using iPhoto. Considering these things, should I expect more out of my Mac's battery or is something wrong?
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    Battery life is dependent on usage. More intensive applications obviously mean less battery life. It doesn't sound like you have any issues with your battery, merely a misunderstanding of how computers use power.
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    When I am at school I turn my brightness down to 1 notch, have Word open taking now, and browse the web (non flash), I can easily get over 8 hours.

    The higher the brightness, the heavier the CPU intensive apps (GPU as well), the less your battery will be.

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