MacBook Pro Battery life


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Nov 9, 2012
Hi guys, there's probably a thousand threads about this, but I have searched and didn't find what I was looking for.

So anyway, what battery life should I be getting on a quadcore (2.3ghz) i7 Macbook pro with normal usage. I think I'm getting 4 hours at most. The Macbook is second hand but it isn't really old (coconut battery says 19 weeks and 75 battery cycles, which where 16 and 55 or so when I got it.). Right now I'm on 64% and it says I have 2:46 left.
What battery lifes are you guys getting?

Krazy Bill

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Dec 21, 2011
I'm on 64% and it says I have 2:46 left.
It doesn't matter what it "says". That estimate will change a thousand times depending on what you're doing at the time.

You need to clock it yourself for a true reading or get a battery logger that does this for you.


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Mar 22, 2011
Tokyo, Japan
I have the 2.2GHz 17in 2011 model and runs around 6-8 with just browsing.
If you have the 2012 model with Ivy, you should have better battery since CPU consumes less.