MacBook Pro buying horror story

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Kyle9859, Oct 6, 2011.

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    Im not exactly sure why I'm posting this, but some people might get a laugh out of it.

    I bought the 17" MacBook Pro on Friday September 30th, 2011 and paid a total amount of $2,436.94 using the 200$ Educator Discount. Upon bringing the computer home, I notice that there was a hissing type noise whenever the audio circuitry was activated. The computer only made the hiss through the headphone jack. On Monday October 3rd, 2011 I brought the computer back to exchange for an identical model. I noticed while at the apple store that the display models also made the same hissing noise. The Genius that helped me at the Genius Bar basically shoo'ed me away and got a regular sales associate to assist me. The sales associate asked me if I would like a refund and I told him no I just need a replacement. He said he could either refund my money back to my credit card, mail me a check, or he could put the amount onto a Apple Gift card and I could repurchase a new computer. (I thought this was a very odd way of getting a replacement, but different stores have different policies.) I took the Gift Card option since It was the fastest. Upon opening the new replacement I first checked to see if I could hear the hissing noise through the headphone jack, and even on the brand new replacement, the hissing noise still exists. I told the associate that helped me getting my replacement that the brand new computer still had the hissing noise, and all he did was told me to make a new Genius Bar appointment (tech support). I had to wait an hour before I could be seen at the Genius Bar again. When my name was finally called to the genius bar, I explained the trouble that I had been through, and what the situation was and the problem I was having. Upon inspecting the computer, he determined that there was nothing that could be done and they were not going to replace the computer again due to it being brand new. He told me that I could check the computer into apple care and they can search ins tide to try to find what the problem is. (I in no way wanted them to do any type of sugary on my nre computer). He also said I should watch for firmware updates, learn to ignore the sound or buy an adapter that goes on my headphones to cancel the noise issue. I then left the Apple Store in Oxmore Mall Louisvile KY.

    Upon arriving home with the new computer, I took it out of the box, and began to reinstall my software on it. As soon as I start to type in my Apple ID in the initial setup, I notice the upper keys (Q-P and the number keys) were grinding against the aluminum between the keys. At this point I become super pissed off because I was in the Apple Store for a total of 4 hours waiting to get a decent computer that didn't have any manufacturing defects and I receive a piece of junk that you can't use to type. I then scheduled another Genius Bar appointment for October 3rd, 2011 for 10:30am.

    On Tuesday October 3, 2011, I arrived for my appointment and let the Genius check out the keyboard problem. He determined that there was a problem and I could receive a replacement since the computer was just bought 1 day ago. I asked the Genius if he needed my receipts and the gift card that was used for the last replacement. He said he didn't understand at all why they made me use a gift card instead of switching out the computers as a defect replacement and I didn't have to do anything. I received my 3rd MacBook Pro and immediately opened it in the store to make sure everything worked correctly. First thing I checked for was to see if the hiss was still audible and to my dismay, it was. The apple Genius and myself gave the computer a top-to-bottom inspection. I was satisfied and It seemed to be flawless, (except for the hiss) so I packed the computer back up and left the apple store.

    I arrived home with the replacement number 3 and pulled it out of the box, Put my Speck hardshell case on it, and stared to reinstall my software and apps. After using the MacBook for about 10 minutes, I noticed that the number 5/% key was about twice as bright as all the others and was distracting we whenever I even looked anywhere near it. At this point I wanted to kill someone (figure of speech) and was extremely mad because I had just got home, and It is an hour drive to the apple store. I then thought maybe I could ignore it and maybe I won't notice it after awhile. That night at work, Every time I touched my MacBook Pro, I would stare straight at that brighter key. I then decided that if Im going to pay over $2400 for a single computer that it better be perfect and have no flaws out of the box. I then scheduled a Genius Bar appointment for October 4th, 2011 for 10:45am.

    On Wednesday October 4th, 2011 I arrived at the apple store at 10am and got signed in about 10:05am. To my surprise, even though my appointment wasn't until 10:45am, I was called up at 10:15am. I told the genius that this was the 3rd replacement that I had due to various problems, and I explained to him that I was unhappy with this computer because the backlight on the keyboard was uneven and the 5/% key was twice as bright as all the others. He first looked at it and told me that It looks fine to him. I told him that It was impossible to tell me that he didn't see it when he was looking at the computer in pure light and you could barely even see the backlight at all. He acted disgusted that I told him that he was wrong. He asked If he could take my computer into the staff back room to he can look at it in the dark, so I agreed and off he went into the back with my $2400 computer. About 10 minutes later, he came back out and told me that the uneven backlight was completely normal and I didn't have anything to worry about. He told me that the "5" key was brighter because the backlight bulb is right below that key. I told him that this was not a normal issue and since this was my third MacBook Pro, I knew what the keyboard was supposed to look like, and there was not a key that was brighter or unevenness on all the other MacBooks I had and the display models the store had. He told me that this was normal and if It really bothered me I could check the computer into applecare and they will try to fix the problem but it will take 7-10 days. (he just admitted to a lie when he said check into apple care to fix the "problem." So there was a problem) I got super aggravated and told him that this computer was BRAND NEW and it shouldn't have anything wrong with it whether it be physical or appearance, and I demanded for a replacement. He told me to stay put while he went to talk to his manager. About 15 minutes of him and his manager staring at me and talking, he came back and said that they will replace the computer ONE more time and if the new replacement had the same uneven lighting problem, there was nothing they could do. As I see it, The Apple Genius just gave me a gamble shot… Either I take the computer I had and deal with 1. The hiss, and 2. the uneven keyboard lighting. I didn't like this one bit because I didn't want the uneven lighting, but then again I didn't want to run into another problem with the new replacement and not be able to do anything about it. He asked me if I wanted to think about it and If I could do so somewhere to the side of the genius bar so he could get onto his next customer. (At that point I knew that he didn't care about my business and just wanted to get through his work day.) Before leaving the Genius Bar, I told him to just give me the replacement. He then printed out the Genius Bar replacement form and got me to sign it. (odd because the other 2 replacements I didn't have to sign anything.) He then turned me over to an "Apple Business" associate with a bad attitude that I didn't appreciate. She successfully exchanged the computers, and I was free to leave. I took the computer over to the Personal Setup counter and opened it up to make sure everything was working properly. I used the computer for about an hour and a half inside the apple store before I made my hour journey home to make sure I wasn't going to run into any problems. After completely and thoroughly checking the computer out, I determined that It didn't have any problems (except the same hissing noise when the headphone jack was used) so I packed up and left.

    I am currently on my 4th 17" MacBook Pro, and It still has the hissing problem as all the others. I am tired of spending MY gas and MY time to keep exchanging these computers, so I will just learn to ignore the hissing which apparently dates back to the 2006 models. During my whole experience I learning two things; one being Apple does not inspect their computers when the leave the assembly line. (If they do, then someone was sleeping on the job). Also I learned that there are two types of people that work for apple. Those who want to truly help and do their job well, and those who have been there for 5+ years and really don't care anymore.

    I was at the apple store 4 different days. One was to actually buy the Macbook Pro, and three to try to find one that was worth what I paid. I spent 6 hours driving for this whole situation and 7 hours total waiting time in the apple store. I had to waste 13 hours to try to solve problems that I shouldn't have had in the first place.

    After the whole situation, I will now think twice before doing business with my local apple store. I truly believe that apple needs to reevaluate their Quality, and their employees. I always thought Apple meant quality, but after this whole deal, I do not see that at all anymore.

    I ran into many problems over the past couple of days and most of them being totally different problems, except one which was the audio circuitry hissing noise that has been heard in all the 17" MacBook Pros I had over the past few days. (tested a total of 6 - 17" Macbook Pros and all of them had the hissing problem but the 15" models did not.)
  2. marc11, Oct 6, 2011
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    So Apple gave you 4 different computers offered to give you your money back, the chance and place for you to verify each one before you left the store and you are STILL not happy? Oh and you can STILL return it if you want for your money back....BTW the first one was perfect, the hiss or whatever it is, sounds like it is a known issue (I have no idea) so your first one was perfect, if you verified the noise on others on the floor why did you exhange it....all of this seems self inflicted and you are blaming the Apple Store staff instead of yourself.

    Tell me one other company that would do that?
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    No other company would
  4. mtip macrumors member

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    It is a known issue with low impedance headphones. Simplest solution - use headphones with higher impedance (70 Ohm or thereabouts should be fine). Or get a USB DAC.
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    I'm confused, as well. If you knew that the other computers had this "hissing" noise as well, why did you do the first exchange? At that point you should have known it would be a problem for you, and decided to either: A) keep the computer you had, or B) return it, get your money back and try to find a different computer that better suited your needs. And I see no problem with the Genius asking you to step to the side while you thought about what you wanted to do. That was a decision that you had to make, and at that point there really wasn't anything he could help you with.

    If you had done a search here, you would have found this thread which talks about it quite a bit. Apparently a lot of it depends on the headphones. If you like the computer, get a different set of headphones. If that's too much trouble to go through, then get your money back and purchase a different computer. I'm sorry you were frustrated, but it really sounds like your Apple store did pretty much everything in their power to try to make you happy.
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    Oct 6, 2011
    Sounds like a problem with your headphones. If you have the $2500 for a new mac I would recommend upgrading your cans. I can personally recommend a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohm, I think you would appreciate these.

    Also, you seem like a bit of a nightmare customer. They gave you what was it 3 replacement MacBooks? I think you should be singing there praise ;)
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    Oct 6, 2011
    No you should not be happy with this at all. I completely agree with the price that is paid you should get a FLAWLESS computer. Everything from the keyboard to the jacks to the cosmetics should be absolutely flawless. And they should very well kiss your ass without any attitude what so ever.

    IDk about most people on here but it wasn't just change from my pocket to buy my macbook pro. When i could have easily gotten a windows computer for less than half the price with the same power. Mac fans are dedicated and persistent bunches. So the die hard lovers who support apple and their products at such a high price should be treated like KINGS at the apple store. I don't want to hear that because they replaced it so many times that you should be thank ful... Damn right they replaced it A) thats their job and B) thats standard business practice. They did not go above and beyond and even seemed to try and get you to leave without replacing the macbook.

    I love my macbook and have absolutely zero problems with it.. as it should be. But if i did have any problems you can bet they are going to fix it and do it with a smile because we pay their checks basically and should jump through hoops at the prices these computers go for today.

    Just my .02 cents not trying to start anything or stir up anything.... just saying.. If you buy a BMW over a KIA does BMW no insure that its a flawless car and peruse every problem dated to the car?

    And the headphone noise is also unacceptable. but i do not have a problem with it on my mac
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    Hamilton, Ontario
    its fine for having high expectations, but when a product doesnt meet your expectations your return it and move on, his rant is pointless becasue he has been given the chance to do this, if apple said tough luck with the hissing than of course he should rant and protest and whatever else but there is not issue here

    not sure what you mean with the BMW vs KIA, both cars can an will have issues
  9. jlluna macrumors 6502

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    Holly Michigan
    If i am not happy with a product, I would also try a few returns. Now, if by the 3rd time the item is not to my standards. I will ask for my money back. i will not take another exchange. I love apple! and have tons of apple products, but i paid a lot of money for my macbook pro 15". if im not happy with it when i buy it i will take it back and get my money back. I paid 2000 when i bought my macbook pro, and that is allot of money for me. I espect to get what i paid for.
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    Redford, MI
    There's nothing wrong with having high expectations. But if something doesn't meet those expectations, and you've returned it a few times and still had the same issue, you should consider that the product just doesn't meet your needs and find something else.

    And I don't agree that Apple should treat you like a king. They should treat you like a customer that purchased one of their products, and they should do what they can to solve the problem. He keeps saying that he checked the computer out thoroughly and completely at the store and was satisfied, yet once he got it home he found something small that made him unhappy. So Apple exchanged it, offered a refund, etc. They exchanged the MBP for him 3 TIMES. They did everything they should have done.

    Doing a little research (which I think most people that visit these forums are capable of) would have revealed that the headphone noise will vary depending on the sensitivity of the headphones that are being used. I'm willing to bet that for most people, they don't even notice the hissing noise. People have different tolerances to different kinds of noises. Some people are very sensitive to stuff like that, and some people can't even hear it. But after trying several different computers and hearing it on all of them, it's fairly obvious that the OP is sensitive to it. If the he is willing to try different headphones to see if it helps, great. If not, he should get a refund and move on to a different type of computer that makes him happier.

    I'm not a blind Apple follower, but I really don't see that they did anything wrong in this situation.
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    Sep 7, 2011
    I've had similar issues with Apple's quality control. My first MacBook Pro had a defective graphics card- it would crash while performing graphically intensive tasks and throw up bizarre patterns all over the screen. My second unit ended up having the same issue, only this MBP also had a stuck key and a dead spot on the trackpad. I returned this unit to finally receive a MBP that didn't keep crashing under intense loads, only for it to have a bad battery (it lasts half as long as my previous 2 units) and a dodgy headphone jack, which produces muted, flat sound through any headphones.

    I agree with you, if you're going to spend upwards of $2000 on a laptop, especially one whose specs could be had for half the price in the PC world, it had better have zero issues.
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    Hamilton, Ontario
    yes they are 2000 but they come with warranties and retunr policies, nothing will ever ever ever be made perfect 100% of the time it just wont happen thats why warranties exist
  13. RedRaven571 macrumors 65816


    Mar 13, 2009
    The OP also identified the hissing doesn't exist in the 15", why not get a 15" and be done with it? I've had 17" and 15" laptops and there's not a huge difference IMO.
  14. salacious macrumors 6502a

    May 15, 2011
    pissed, my £999 laptop has no problems at all, and if there was and just from the first time they caused me this problem id smack em in the face, however i do funnily enough have a similar story with my blackberry 9300, the trackpad on it wasnt working with my SKIN, it wouldnt move at all, i went to the 02 shop with a 10 minute old blackberry and showed the assistant who was chinese cockney, she laughed at me and showed me how smooth she could move around the menu bar on my blackberry, i said to her whats your point i grabbed the phone moved my thumb and 4 fingers each one across and showed her that it wouldnt move, she laughed at me and said whats so hard about it your only going up down and around, i warned with this "listen you slinky eyed slut if you think im a Fuykin (spell deletion) spastic then think again, i design e-learning factsheets using apple motion photoshop and final cut and logic pro, i think i know how to go up and down" she called security and kicked me out, livid i phoned up customer service immediatly and explained to the gorgeous sounding mancunian lady who was horrified i had been treated this way even after telling her what i said to the slinky eyes, she phoned the store and told them to replace my blackberry..

    i proceeded to go into the store after id been called back in, brought out a bb, trackpad didnt work again but did for her, i demanded that they go through them all as i had just paid £220 for a phone that doesnt work with my SKIN, after the 4th phone, she said she would do no more, i said what you gonna do then, she said she could offer me 80% of the cost of the phone to put towards another one, i then said this " if you dont get me another blackberry that works by the time i leave this store il stick it up your arse, put my hand down your throat and pull it out" at that point an indian guy walked in and said that the bb had known issues with people who had playstation thumbs, worn out basically, he was the store manager, the equivalant of jesus, and we went through 4 more phones and low and behold the 10th blackberry, after more than 2 hours of arguing and bitching, the 10th wonder arrived it moved like pele on a football, a concorde through air, what a joy it was a working phone that i could use without having a tshirt over my thumb to move the menu, and i couldnt be more dissapointed, the worse phone i have ever gotten, next phone iphone 4s ... and i spilt coke on it a week later but still works though... (im not racist just to state i just get angry when people mock me especially when i know im right)
  15. Takashi macrumors regular

    Oct 26, 2009
    I don't think apple did anything wrong. They offered to exchange / refund your purchase. What else can you possibly ask for?

    You said that it's a waste of time and gas for you to bring the unit back and forth. Unfortunately, that's something you choose to do so the fault is entirely yours.

    One thing you did not mention is the quality of your headphones and the condition of your plug. Unfortunately, only you yourself know the answer to that and nobody else. I suggest you try the 17" with another pair of headphones and see.

    Lastly, computers are not meant for audiophile use, unless it is equipped with a > $300 sound card and special equipment to filter out all the "electrical noise" that is generated by the computer. Devices like system fan, hard disc, power supply, ...etc can generate electrical noise that might be passed to the computer speakers. Stick with a Hi-Fi system if you plan to listen to music.
  16. kapolani macrumors 6502

    Feb 24, 2011
  17. aristobrat macrumors G5

    Oct 14, 2005
    Essentially, he saw that you were served promptly.

    He could have had you make a Genius Bar appointment and wait (and wait and wait) in the store for a Genius to provide you with the same result (exchange your MBP) that the regular sales associate could immediately provide you (assuming you're within your 14-day return window).
  18. rican macrumors 6502


    Jun 14, 2008
    Party in the USA
    If you had so many issues, why wouldn't you assure the quality - before you even left the store, or left the mall for that matter (Where ever it was)

    I am pretty anal about expensive purchases, so I would have made a huge deal to make sure it was working correctly than embarrass myself and keep going in... You know? :eek:
  19. mark28, Oct 6, 2011
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    mark28 macrumors 68000

    Jan 29, 2010
    Yes they do. I have returned several electronics which I wasn't 100% happy with ( non-Apple ).

    edit: Heck, I even had 30-day no question ask return on a $2300 machine I bought 5 years ago.
  20. mac jones macrumors 68040

    Apr 6, 2006
    Why would anyone be fanatically attached to something that gives them pain?

    Answer: they are masochistic

    Join the crowd :D
  21. heisenberg123 macrumors 603


    Oct 31, 2010
    Hamilton, Ontario

    3 times?
  22. Dal123 macrumors 6502a


    Oct 23, 2008
    That is disgusting! You are buying a top of the range computer; regardless even of the price or the level; what you are buying should be fit for purpose and able to perform its tasks.
    Unfortunately all staff try to 'fob people off', I like it when you start quoting a few legal statutes they soon up their game :mad:.
    Good luck with it!
  23. Nychot macrumors 6502a

    Aug 15, 2011
    I kid you not i actually dozed off halfway through this opus anc when i awakened and finished the whole thing it was anticlimactic. That apple store should ban you.
  24. harcosparky macrumors 68020

    Jan 14, 2008
    This might be why I am having trouble selling my 2011 MBP for what I consider a fair price.

    You would think a 17" MBP with upgraded CPU and Anti-Glare Display would be desirable.

    Another thing I hear from potential buyers was " it would be nicer if it had the glossy screen. "
  25. Dwalls90 macrumors 601


    Feb 5, 2009
    "Uneven lighting on key 5"

    Get a life ... each key is not EXACTLY the same with lighting, but pretty darn close.

    The hinge is definitely a fault of Apple's, but this "hissing", I have NEVER heard about, let alone with 3 replacements in a row.

    This one's on you, bud.

    You're the exact type of person ruining the image of an Apple User - it's not Apple's fault, it's in your head (or headphones).

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