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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by namethisfile, Jul 19, 2014.

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    why doesn't apple bring back the plastic unibody macbook but in 15" form? also make it grey. white and black are so 2007 anyway. grey would be a pleasing neutral color. it can be called "apple grey."

    since the market for this is a budget oriented "pro" user, the retina screen can go. but make the screen a high-quality IPS screen, which shouldn't put too much of a premium since IPS screens are no longer "new" tech. the resolution can be 900P or optional hi-res of 1050P like the old classic 15" unibodies. or maybe the same high-quality TN panels you guys use to have on the 15" unibodies. i can live with those screens.

    same specs as the base model 15" retina now but at $1499? it can be fat. like the way the classic 15" unibodies are "fatter" than the 15" rMBP's. that kind of fat is not that fat to me. the speaker grills can be different or omitted altogether since i understand that they are made of plastic and it won't be the same as if it were aluminum. maybe you can slide down the power button slightly to where the speaker grills use to be and make them bigger, so as to fill up that empty space. the left side will be empty but i think it will be fine.

    also, what makes this macbook pro c really awesome would be to not include an ODD and just leave it blank for the user to be able to put a second 2.5" ssd or hdd.

    you can then say in your introduction that we made the macbook pro cheaper but more awesome!

    that is maybe what the "C" stands for. but also it can stand for "classic" or "cool."

    you can also draw correlation to the iphone 5 c, which this macbook pro c obviously got it's "c" from but also to the customers that it might cater to.

    you can say on your speech along the lines of "we are bringing back a classic macbook and making it more awesome. we made it bigger and we made it better. i am please to announce to you, the macbook pro c. as you can SEE, it's grey, which we are calling apple grey (not sure what grey it is but it is a really cool grey that took months of r&d to get right). it's only available in this color because it is the best grey in the world!



    so why did we decide to go back to making plastic notebooks? well, to answer this question, we will go to jon ive who is in our advance plastic manufacturing plant that is right here in the U.S. in fact, he is just down the street across from here. can you believe that guys. So without further adieu, please to introduce to you jon ive.


    Jon Ive's explains a new plastic manufacturing process that is better than the old plastic unibody in that it is lighter and stronger. he walks though the plants and we can see the actual process of how these plastic molds are made. he then goes into further detail of exactly why the plastic is strong and light and it is basically a plastic that apple has co-opted from the japanese car makers and electronics and improved upon. he talks about advance plastic compounds and processes that enables them to basically have an eco-friendly manufacturing plant that emits like near zero carbon dioxide and pollutants. he then finishes the tour showing human workers and adds that the plant can make this many notebooks an hour and add this many number of jobs.

    (cuts back to tim took)

    you guys get the point. i think it would be awesome too, if only they'd actually make it and such a plastic and factory exist.
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    I don't know what to say to that, so I'll leave you with the immortal words of Harpo Marx

    " ............ "
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    No. I'll take aluminum over plastic any day.
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    Oct 5, 2012
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    Why Apple Grey when we have Space Grey ?
    Also, a 15" Plastic Macbook would not sell. They just killed the Al 15" Macbook Pro last year.
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    Ok, I will try to take it seriously :D

    Why do you think this would make any sense for Apple from a business perspective? The current MacBooks are expensive, but they are also among the highest-performant laptops in the super-portable segment, while boasting excellent screens and above average battery life. That is what make them interesting and that is why people buy them

    A slightly cheaper plastic MBP which has lost its portability and screen advantage would be simply an overpriced laptop without any interesting feature (besides that its from Apple), unless the price would be somewhere around $1000 or less.
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    I don't think a plastic laptop is something apple will do. I think the premium look and feel of the MacBook Pro is something that apple has been working to cultivate, i.e., MBPs are a premium product unlike the plastic laptops being sold by Dell or HP
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    to answer all your questions:

    1) apple grey is better than space grey b/c special color scientist worked on it for months to make it the best grey in the world and not duplicate-able by ordinary means

    1A) Apple Grey is tied to the plastic material which is an improved plastic that is eco-friendly, as strong as the aluminum (no flex on the keyboard), lighter than aluminum and is also thermally magical in that it dissipates a little bit of heat

    1B) this plastic is not all plastic but is bonded with another metal only a few ppl know about, which accounts to its "apple grey" color and its strength and thermal conduct

    2) the size of the laptop is only a tiny bit bigger than the classic 15" unibody that was discontinued

    3) where the classic 15" unibody has a superdrive, this one doesn't!!!

    3A) this means space for 2nd ssd or hdd!!!

    4) $1499!!! (need i say more?)

    5) i just thought of this: the lcd and inside infrastructure of this MBPC will slide out of the "plastic body/shell"

    5A) so picture the MBP now and imagine the keyboard and the "laptop" part of the notebook is made of one plastic (very premium piece of eco strong plastic) shell. to get inside, one simply unscrews a couple screws and the hinge and lcd part of the notebook will slide out like a drawer or tray. the battery, ram, hdd, everything are configured on this slide out "tray thingy...." neat huh?

    5) this is also just an exercise on boredom. i don't care if its a pipe dream. i thought about it and wrote it just for kicks and giggles.

    5A) but man, a $1499 MBP that is plastic and apple grey would be tempting to me b/c of the price and the fact that i can put a 2nd ssd/hdd in there. apple will even supply the sata/power cable necessary for this. of course, the specs are the same as the $2000 rMBP, which means quadcore haswell i7 and an iris pro igpu.

    5B) it will work and apple will make it happen if there is enough "INNOVATION" in it. they sell and market "INNOVATION" so that is why i tried to come up with a new plastic compound and process that is eco friendly and super strong and lighter than aluminum. also, they'd manufacture it here in the U.S. in a couple of factories that emits zero carbon dioxide and pollutants b/c the plastic compound is so innovative that the factory itself is innovation, too.

    5C) more U.S. jobs!!!!

    5D) i know, i know.

    5E) i should run for president!

    5F) just kidding!!!

    6) refer to #5
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    everyone is doing aluminum now. everyone including even dell and razer even has a unibody thing in black.

    no one makes a grey laptop and apple is innovating plastic again. yes, plastic doesn't mean cheap anymore. if anyone can do it, apple should. i mean it's about materials, right? innovate plastic as i explained on my post above!


    you quoted a quote of mine that has been edited.


    i want apple to move the factory from china to U.S. and also spite Dell. you're moving on to aluminum? well, we have this plastic notebook! and it's better than your aluminum. this is why apple needs to make a MACBOOK PRO C!!!

    hey razer, you have a black macbook pro look a like in aluminum? we have a grey one in plastic and its better than your aluminum!

    bring the factory here, innovate the factory, make things stronger and eco friendly while creating jobs!

    thank you!!!

    P.S. this "plastic" is biodegradable so its safe for the environment
  11. pgiguere1, Jul 20, 2014
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    Let's see:

    • Made out of gray plastic
    • Fat like a decade-old laptop despite not having an ODD
    • Non-Retina despite having decent specs
    • Main selling point is that it's cheaper
    • Targeted at tinkerers

    And you think that's a product Apple would make?

    If Apple were to make a plastic MacBook, I'd bet it'd be targeted at "regular" people, have a Retina display, be small and super-thin, be non-user upgradeable, and it'd try to compete with Windows laptops (which have a razor-thin margin) less, not more.

    In other words, it would try to introduce new features Windows laptops can't do, not match features Windows laptops already have. Apple won't try to compete on price with those OEMs that can barely turn a profit. They want to fidelize their user base by making them addicted to exclusive features, so they keep buying high-margin products without even considering the low-margin competition that don't offer those desirable features.

    Maybe you as a customer would like this product, but from a business perspective, this looks like suicide given that it's basically a strategy that's the opposite of what makes Apple successful and profitable.
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    Agreed...Even the old schoolers who cry about their legacy features being taken away wouldn't want this.

    OP I give you an A for entertainment factor though!

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