Macbook pro can't reinstall


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Jun 27, 2017
Hello all
Forgive me if this is in the wrong thread or there is already one.

I decided i wanted to reinstall from clean. Some how I:

Fixed, erased etc. on DiskUtil, then locked the drive.
This lead to many failed Google searches and hair pulling.

I also can't use Sudo to work, the terminal doesn't recognise it at all.

Now I can't reinstall due to an error saying: Can't upgrade to a newer version being installed.
I go to the diskutilty and now there are the regular drive and two other images. Which are fine and not in need of repair, i just can't erase, unmount or anything.

I had it upgraded from El Capitan to Sierra and i got into internet recovery, it then gave me the option of reinstalling from the original OS.

Now I am really grrring and thought I would ask you guys/dolls, before going to the Apple store in Liverpool UK
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Dec 17, 2013
MacbookPro 12,1

it now boots up to the installing thing, then when i do it all. It says it can't upgrade.

a newer version is installed, but where i have no clue.
[doublepost=1498571415][/doublepost]Not sure if this will help.
The first thing I would do is eject the images you have listed on the bottom of your pic.
Next I would restart your computer and hold down Cmd and C to go into Recovery Mode.
Now use the Disk Utility and Erase and Name your drive by selecting it (second from the top).
Exit out of Disk Utility.
You should now be seeing the original panel for the recovery panel.
Now select Reinstall Mac OS, select your Newely Named Dive and reinstall Mac OS X.
Once you get Mac OS reinstalled just go through the App Store and select Mac OS Sierra and let it install.

Even if you delete your recovery partition Apple will download the original version. Just as if you installed a new Drive.

After you get it installed and updated reboot and hold down cmd option P R until you hear the second chime.

Hope this helps.