MacBook Pro Charger: WIGGLE in order to work NORMAL?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Jeean22, Apr 23, 2011.

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    Apr 23, 2011
    Mac OS X-I purchased my MacBook Pro August 2010.

    From day one my MacBook Pro charger was faulty. When attached to my laptop, the light would come on but the battery icon on my laptop would say "Not Charging". I thought maybe this was normal and the computer just had to wait a bit to recognize the charger. I started my routine of wiggling the charger from the start to keep my computer charged. Every time I attach the charger I wiggle it in order for the computer to recognize it. This wiggling process can take go from 20 seconds to a minute in order for the computer to recognize it.

    Within a month the charger stopped working completely. I wiggled and wiggled it and the light no longer came on (keep in mind I am very gentle when I wiggle the charger-I wiggle it right where it attaches to the port- I am not the reason the charger stopped working). I took it to Best Buy because that is where I purchased it since the closest Apple Store is 2+ hours away. The Geek Squad person didn't even see if the charger worked. He just automatically reprogrammed the battery by pressing a few keys when he turned on the computer. Of course then, the charger came on when he attached it.

    I thought my problem was solved.

    Sure enough, I had to still wiggle the charger in order for it to light up and be recognized. Within 3 months, the charger went completely dead. I was not able to take it to the Geek Squad at the time, so I had a family member do it for me. The charger did not work for the Geek Squad person this time so they decided the "charger was bad" and sent for a new one (under warranty). However, the new one ended up taking a month and a half to get to my house. I still had to pay for a new charger because I needed my MacBook to work right away. I needed a charger right then and there. I couldn't just go a month and a half without a laptop. This is messed up. It wasn't my fault I received a "faulty" charger when I purchased my Mac and I still have to buy a new one even though I am getting a new one under warranty. Why couldn't they "lend" me a charger until my warranty charger came in?


    Even with both the new chargers I have, I STILL have to wiggle the charger(s) in order for it to work. I'm assuming this is going to work until 3-4 months from now like my first charger. The charger(s) are just going to burn out. All of my chargers get exceptionally hot when plugged in. I'm thinking this is not a charger problem. It is my MacBook Pro itself or the battery.

    I'm clueless on what to do. I do not have time to send my MacBook Pro away to get fixed or examined by Apple and wait more than a month to get it back. I purchased a MacBook because I thought they were reliable. I need it for school and work. I can't afford to not have a computer at this time..and I can't afford to keep buying new chargers.

    Has anyone else experienced similar problems with their charger(s)? I never thought I would have such problems with charging my Mac-especially when it is not even a year old! My family's and friends' Mac chargers work as soon as they plug them in. No "wiggling" is required. But when I try using their chargers on MY Mac, I still have to wiggle.

    Advice is appreciated! I am planning on taking it to Best Buy asap but thought I would post on here too. Part of me just wants to drive the 2 and half hours to Apple and have them take it from there.
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    Jan 6, 2002
    You need to take it to get it fixed. You'll have to deal with not having it for a few days, there's no way around that. Apple will certainly be better than Best Buy, but you could also look to see if there's an Apple Authorized Service Center around, because generally I'd recommend them even over the Apple Store. You probably are dealing with a problem with your MagSafe board, from the description you've given.


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