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Would you wait and see if it works or repair immediately?

  1. Wait and see if it works

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  2. Get it fixed right away

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  1. natebookpro macrumors 6502a

    Sep 25, 2008
    Wanted to get some opinions. Title seems self explanatory, but coffee got spilled on my MacBook Pro. Immediately turned it off, turned upside down, and cleaned. Considering it's a $1500ish repair probably, would you just wait and see if it works? Is there anyway that my waiting and it working for a few months, then dying will end up costing me more? Or does it not matter since most likely it will be a flat rate?
  2. New_Mac_Smell macrumors 68000


    Oct 17, 2016
    If there was any immediate serious damage it would have shut itself off. So assuming you turned it off it should be okay.

    But I would take it in to Apple, explain your situation and see if they will open it and clean it. There is sometimes a cost with this, although small. The computer will dry out in a few days, but you could be prone to corrosion if things aren't cleaned fully if liquid has made it onto the logic board. You could clean it yourself but depending on how confident you are you could cause more damage, and end up costing yourself much more money.

    Personally I'd open it up, give it a thorough inspection, and clean it with contact spray. Then let it dry out fully before attempting to turn on. But if I was unsure on what I was doing, or noticed any corrosion on a contact, I'd take it straight to Apple.

    So if you get it sorted right now it could just be a cleaning of contacts. If you leave it, it could lead to corrosion and replacement of the entire logic board. Small amount today or gamble on a large amount later, up to you.
  3. Karnicopia macrumors 6502

    Mar 27, 2015
  4. KGB7 Suspended


    Jun 15, 2017
    Rockville, MD
    You can tear down and clean it your self using destiled watter. But if you dont know how, youll have to pay some one to do it for you.
  5. Queen6, Jun 25, 2017
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    Queen6 macrumors 604


    Dec 11, 2008
    Land of the Unexpected
    I would seek out an independent Mac specialist ASAP, as they may be able to clean the internals in an ultrasonic bath. longer you leave it the less chance of revival IMHO. Cost of having the MBP cleaned is insignificant given the overall picture.

    Apple only deals with such matters within it's own framework, therefore modular repairs are effected which in general will be more expensive. You could ask Apple to send it to one of it's major service centres for a one off lower price, equally much depends on the person your dealing with.

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    Better to have it done professionally using an ultrasonic cleaner, as this will remove all remnants of the coffee, even if under components.

  6. Pbrutto macrumors 6502a


    Apr 21, 2015
    Eastern PA
    First, it's either broke or it isn't. Highly unlikely that water damage will get worse 2 years later than it is 2 seconds after you do it. Unless you live in a super humid place like Florida. That being said, I think you can inspect it yourself.

    Where did it spill? What Model year? Under the case, on the keyboard? I have had a MacBook that twice sat in water, for HOURS, but it was only touching the bottom case, and the bottom was well machined and nothing got in.

    I had a cat puke on girlfriends keyboard, instant fry.

    Spilled half cup of beer into 4 year old MacBook, ripped out the battery, poured out beer, disassembled 1/2 of it in 5 minutes.....worked till I retired it 4 years after the incident. Was saved by shielding glued to underside of keyboard.

    It all depends on the you live close to an Apple Store? Has it been on since the incident?

    Either way, plug in your model year over at iFixit and watch the full tare down video a few times, then decide if your comfortable with the disassembly. If you aren't, you live close to apple, try to get them to inspect it.

    When the beer incident happened, I did have to replace the internal MagSafe port. It had to be nearly 100% disassembled to repair it. It took about 2 hours for me to disassemble, label and segregate parts. 2 minutes to replace the port. 45 to reassemble MacBook. Part was 10 bucks. Apple wouldn't replace just that part, repair would has started at 500 and gone from there.

    Finally, the few times I have been to the Genius Bar they were really cool about stuff. I once cracked my screen, admitted it was my fault, and the dude said "hmmmm, looks like a manufacturing defect to me" boooom, brand new phone. Be nice and honest and they seem to be cool usually, but seeing as how they probably won't do that type of inspection on site, it will probably cost you.

    Hell, send it to me, I'll fix it.

    Sorry for the incoherent response, I'm sleepy...
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    Should have quoted your post in my response. Modular is a good way to put it. Apple will say, "hmmmm this zif connector MAY have got liquid on it we need to replace the whole logic(mother)board!" Or, "there is a little dirt on this USB port, new bottom case!"

    Like I said above, I only needed a new MagSafe (power) connector from the beer incident. Apple probably would have wanted me to replace all the ports on that side as well, the optical drive as it was sticky on the outside, and replace the entire keyboard as it was also sticky. I only needed one part though, and that's what a reputable small repair shop will give you.

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