MacBook Pro Core Duo turns itself off/reboots on its own

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by makeminemaudlin, Oct 4, 2009.

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    Dec 25, 2008
    I've been digging around for a couple weeks now for information on what may be happening to my MBP. I've tried numerous solutions, but don't seem to be able to get the computer to STAY ON. Here's my story:

    A couple weeks ago, my room mate was using the computer. She closed it to put it to sleep, and left it on my bed. When I went to turn it on, the screen was completely black and the indicator light on the open button was a steady grey. The computer was so hot it was painful to the touch. I unplugged it, hard powered it off, and let it sit, thinking it was an overheating issue.

    Since then, the damn thing won't stay on. Initially, it would intermittently just shut off. When that happened, sometimes I could boot it back up, and other times it would sound like something was whirring in the background, but the screen stayed black and the indicator light stayed solid grey. I installed SMCFan and istat to monitor/control the temp and fans.

    I noticed somewhere along the way that there seemed to be some connection between episodes of shutting down and the power cord (as in, if it was jostled, the computer shut off)(I should note that my battery is at about 15% health with a full charge). Then, that power cord died (no green/amber indicator light and no connection detected). So I bought a new cable, and set about trying to fix the problem again.

    Next phase, it seemed that if I moved the computer, it shut down. So I did some of the recommended fixes. I deleted the power management plist, I changed the settings to never put the computer or the display to sleep, and I turned off the quick-motion sensor that stops the hard drive. I also reset the SMC settings.

    This seemed to improve the situation a little bit, insofar as now instead of getting a shut down, I am now getting complete reboots that only *sometimes* lead to the blank screen and steady grey indicator light. This does happen more frequently if I move the computer, but it can also happen if I simply leave it to run. In fact, if I send the computer into sleep-mode, and close the lid, I'm practically guaranteed a reboot.

    So, then I reset the PRAM and did the hard-reboot (ctrl+opt+power) and reset the PRAM again. I am currently running Rember to test the RAM, but I'm not sure what to look out for when it finishes, or what I should do about it.

    On the last reboot, it actually gave me an error report (that's the first time it's caught it). Here's the text:

    Interval Since Last Panic Report: 232473 sec
    Panics Since Last Report: 1
    Anonymous UUID: 3F1A7C0B-5424-4DEE-9689-42347BCF69EF

    Sun Oct 4 11:42:14 2009
    panic(cpu 1 caller 0x001AB0FE): Kernel trap at 0xaec939fc, type 14=page fault, registers:
    CR0: 0x8001003b, CR2: 0xaec939fc, CR3: 0x01008000, CR4: 0x000006e0
    EAX: 0x00000000, EBX: 0x0000005f, ECX: 0x3c489b04, EDX: 0x0000003f
    CR2: 0xaec939fc, EBP: 0x3b88fc88, ESI: 0x03c5f084, EDI: 0x00000002
    EFL: 0x00010046, EIP: 0xaec939fc, CS: 0x00000004, DS: 0x0000000c
    Error code: 0x00000010

    Backtrace (CPU 1), Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack)
    0x3b88fac8 : 0x12b4c6 (0x45f91c 0x3b88fafc 0x13355c 0x0)
    0x3b88fb18 : 0x1ab0fe (0x469a98 0xaec939fc 0xe 0x469248)
    0x3b88fbf8 : 0x1a1713 (0x3b88fc14 0x8000001c 0x3b88fc28 0x3b88fc88)
    0x3b88fc0c : 0xaec939fc (0xe 0x3b880048 0xc 0x12f4000c)
    0x3b88fc88 : 0xb96562 (0x2e3b20a4 0x4 0x3c5f084 0x0)
    0x3b88fd78 : 0xb97257 (0x125c2277 0x8000001c 0x0 0x0)
    0x3b88fe38 : 0x1ac38d (0xffffffff 0x7fffffff 0x3b88fe88 0x2e3c9000)
    0x3b88fe58 : 0x1358e1 (0x2e3c94c0 0x125c1e68 0x1c 0x2e3c94ac)
    0x3b88fea8 : 0x136217 (0x1 0x3c8f790 0x3b9a4a4 0x3ef2c2)
    0x3b88ff18 : 0x136e7c (0x3c8f7ac 0x3c8f7ac 0x3b88ff78 0x1414bc)
    0x3b88ff58 : 0x136efd (0x13eaf5 0x522b60 0x0 0x1a436f)
    0x3b88ff78 : 0x13ec8f (0x13eaf5 0x522b60 0x0 0x0)
    0x3b88ffc8 : 0x1a14fc (0x522b60 0x0 0x1a40b5 0x4413ba0)
    Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0
    Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies):>0xbb2fff

    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task

    Mac OS version:

    Kernel version:
    Darwin Kernel Version 9.8.0: Wed Jul 15 16:55:01 PDT 2009; root:xnu-1228.15.4~1/RELEASE_I386
    System model name: MacBookPro1,1 (Mac-F425BEC8)

    System uptime in nanoseconds: 120576877310
    unloaded kexts: 2.4.0 - last unloaded 95738553126
    loaded kexts:
    com.roxio.BluRaySupport 1.1.3 2.4.0 - last loaded 32410118881 2.1.8f2 2.0.2 1.7.1a2 1.9d0 2.7.5 1.7.1a2 1.7.1a2 5.4.8 6.0.3 1.0.1d0 5.4.8 2.8.15 320.16.2 2.1.1d2 1.7.7 1.0.6 1.4.5d1 113 3.4.0a17 1.3.1 1.0.0d28 1.6.0 1.7.1a2 2.1.8f2 3.4.6 2.1.8f2 1.7.4f1 1.7.4f1 1.7.4f1 1.0.9 2.7.91 2.1.1 1.1.0 3.4.9 3.4.9 3.4.6 3.3.5 1.5.3 1.2.2 3.1.13b2 3.9.7 1.7.0 2.0.1 1.2.0 158.10.5 1.2.5 1.2.3 1.4 1.0.3 1.2.5 1.4 1.2.5 1.4 107.12 1.6.77 3 76.2.0 199 30.4 9.4 1.7.1a2 216.1 1.6.9fc5 1.1 3.4.0a17 2.3.1d1 1.7.3 1.7.3 1.7.1a2 2.1.8f2 2.1.8f2 3.4.6 3.2.0 2.1.1 2.1.1 1.5 1.5 1.5 3.4.9 2.1.1 1.6.1 3.4.9 1.5.0 2.0.1 1.2.0 1.1 1.5.6 1.5.5 1.2.5 1.2.0 2.6

    A weird thing is that there's this TINY little squeak sometimes when the computer shuts down. Like a mouse whispering or something. And when that happens at shut down, it must sit if I am going to boot it up again, or else it shows the totally black screen and grey indicator light AND makes the squeak again.

    Yet ANOTHER weird thing is that the last two times I've turned it on, the indicator light stays completely off.

    HEre's some more info from About:

    Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core Duo
    Memory: 2GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

    Clues, anyone? I'm too poor to buy a new comp, and all of my photos are on this laptop. I'm typing this from my desktop, and in the middle of running Rember, the laptop died and squeaked. This is so frustrating!~!! Help!!
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    Jun 8, 2009
    I don't have the time to read all of this right now, but I would recommend BACKING UP all of your info!:)

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