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  1. rhysfoster, Apr 30, 2012
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    Apr 30, 2012

    I bought a late 2006 macbook pro from a freind which was broken as when it was loaded up the screen was distroted and had a checkerboard pattern on it. I re-installed osx + cleaned the dust+fans and this seemed to fix the problem but it still crashed + showed artifacts when it did.

    After some use of the laptop it now infrequently crashes , sometimes displays horizontal lines ( but these can be removed by simply resizing a window) and crashing on waking up.

    It has the X1600 gpu and with a fan control app temps(fans on increased speed) are about

    cpu 45-65
    gpu 45-60

    during normal use

    I am considering replacing the thermal paste to try and lower the temps ? Does anyone have any suggestions ? + I have attatched a picture of how it crashes


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    Replacing the thermal grease generally won't help you, I've done it before and never noticed a huge difference.

    Sounds like your GPU is on the way out if you're seeing artifacts appear. No amount of reinstalling/applying thermal grease is going to help you if that is the case.
  3. rhysfoster thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 30, 2012
    Right, thank for the advice, still though i just dont understand why an osx re-install (mostly) fixed the problem , as it really was totally un-usable before ?

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