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Oct 9, 2014
Hello, my dc power jack is damaged.
I noticed that the part circled in the figure is burned.

Does anyone know the code of this component?

Sorry for my bad english.

Thanks... :)

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Brian Y

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Oct 21, 2012
Search eBay for either 922-9307 or the internal part no on the board (820-2565) and you'll find loads of them for around 10 bucks.
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Feb 1, 2018

My MacBook Pro Mid 2010 A1278 was not charging/no green led on the adaptor. Adaptor was not even detected, instead the adaptor was going into some sort of safe mode/dead and would take a lot of time (~5-10minutes)before it was usable with my other mac.

After nearly 4days of exhaustive deep dive into all the possible online material I figured the DC IN board had the problem.

Special thanks to & Louis Rossmann Youtube videos & all the generous good fellas out there, I felt well supported!

I have the same faulty component and the SMD code of the part is P7 (SOT-523 Package) which is a TVS diode.

The component is available online for <$2(including shipping). But I am not sure of the exact component part number used by apple to order it.

Any help with the apple component part number would be really helpful.

Now I am confused, this link says its a Transistor. Source :

Please help me out...


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