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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by SlickShoes, Jul 19, 2011.

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    I didnt know how to word the title. I am currently creating an office area in the spare room in my house. I will have a desk set up with Monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse. I will just put my laptop down closed and use it on the desk when I am in there.

    Is there any sort of dock i can use to make things tidier? or is this a case of just plugging it all in one by one?

    And more importantly I am looking for something to rest the laptop on whilst it is on the desk, I am afraid of spillages on the desk happening at touching the laptop, if it could be raised or on something that would be ideal but im not sure if there is a product for this or if i should just make something myself?

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    There's various stands that you can buy that elevate the laptop, you would just have to plug it in. I've used the mStand by rain design. There is one dock, which I also purchased and will be posting on ebay ;) that allows you to simply slide the laptop and all the connectors are plugged in.

    It's the henge dock.
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    That is awesome guys! Thanks very much! Exactly what i am looking for!

    Roll on payday!

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