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    hello, i'm a graphic designer and is my first time buying a macbook so i want someone to please explain the diference between:
    serial ata drive and solid state drive..
    i don't know which to choose , please suggest which is the best one and why..
    750GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm
    1TB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm [Add $100.00]
    128GB Solid State Drive [Add $100.00]
    256GB Solid State Drive [Add $300.00]
    512GB Solid State Drive [Add $600.00]

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    There seems to some confusion. Serial ATA is the technology that connects the hard drive or solid state drive to the motherboard.

    You will want an SSD (solid state drive) , they are fast. They use what's called SATAIII (Serial ATA III) in the newer MBP's, which is 6GB/S.

    Basically there can't be a difference between them because one is a drive and one is a cable that connects the drive.
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    First two are spinning hard drives, called HDD.
    Options three, four and five are solid state drives, called SSD.

    SSD is chip based data, whereas HDD is spinning platters read by magnetic heads. SSDs are faster, lower temp and not really susceptible to shock such as if you dropped the laptop. They're considered better, but the trade-off is that they are much more expensive and can't hold as much data as the largest HDDs.

    The best choice depends on you.

    Are you comfortable removing the back panel, and putting in your own better drive at a better price? If so, choose the free/comes-with-it option of the 750GB HDD, and put your own SSD or bigger HDD inside. If you just want to buy it and use it, I'd think you could manage fine with a 256GB SSD. $600 for a 512GB SSD is just a big, fat ripoff so eff that one. You can get the 960GB M500 and put that in yourself for $600. If you don't care about the speed of SSDs, just get the 750GB HDD. It's slow as ever 5400 rpm, but it will work.
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    Okay I see you edited the post and added what it says so I see what you mean.

    Frankly 5400RPM drives suck. They are horribly slow. I got a Macbook Pro with one and I'm awaiting my Samsung SSD to arrive to replace the hard drive.

    Go with an SSD.

    If you're at all comfortable upgrading the hard drive (watch youtube videos, it's SUPER easy) get the 750GB and buy an SSD. It will be cheaper.

    Edit: I see someone said a lot of the same stuff, didn't read his post, oh well)
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