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Jul 13, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to upgrade my video card in my early 2009 Mac Pro. I currently have two cards in there and I want to update one of them...

1- NVIDIA GeFroce 9400M (VRAM = 256MB)
2- NVIDIA GeFroce 9600M GT (VRAM = 256MB)

i'd buy a new laptop, only that i'm waiting for apple to release a new design ? its been 5 years..

i'm not a gamer, but i play a few every now and then.. my graphics are terrible and slow and needs upgrading.. i'v just upgraded my ram from 2GB to 8GB.. i went to google for solutions but its hard to understand what is said in forums.. a lot of numbers and products i don't know what will work and what will melt my motherboard... i need something decent and functional.. help?


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Jun 28, 2010
Unless you're looking at a few gaming-specific PC laptops, it'll be few and far between of upgradeable laptop GPUs...your machine is certainly still useful for things (especially if you slap in an SSD and max out the RAM), but as far as the GPU question, you're stuck with that. The only Mac that has had an upgradeable GPU has been the Mac Pro.
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