Macbook Pro fan control is not working (gets really hot)


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Jun 14, 2008

I bought a new macbook pro (late 2007) from macmall 3 months ago.

I figured out that the fans (with istat) are not speeding up automatically when the temperature is going up.

I found my macbook pro now with GPU Diode in 82(c) degrees (!).

Apple phone support costs money right? (my 3 months has over)

Is there any other solution?
I've tried SMCFanControl and it worked but it's not an automatically solution which is not good.

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Oct 24, 2007

There are four possible situations that are at work here:

1. Your fans are Broken

2. Your Thermal Sensors are broken

3. Your overreacting

4. Your not overreacting

Now, if SMC works fine and your fans speed up, your fans aren't broken.
If you can get a reading from the thermal sensors then I assume they work (although neither may be the case)

But what I can tell you is that while the case and components may get really hot, Late Intel's (including the C2D's) are rated generally to operate to about 100*C (probably much less-blame So you will be surprised when the OS or BIOS decides that the temps are too much and it needs to cool off, although I have wondered if it determins fan necessity based off of Voltage and Temps as opposed to one or the other.

Then again, i'm hearing the GPU's can't take as much (especially with the nvidia fiasco).

Do you not have access to your free 1 year warrenty?

You can still call them up and tell them something is up. You don't have to pay for that.

Phone support is for actual troubleshooting and asking "how do I work this" etc.


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Oct 28, 2006
try an SMC reset:
1. pull battery and magsafe power.
2. hold power button for 10 seconds.


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Jun 14, 2008

I tried SMC Reset which didn't solved the problem.

I install "Fan Control" software which fixed the problem temporary.

What is the temperature the fans starts to accelerate by default?