Macbook Pro faults and customer service

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    Jan 8, 2009
    Hi, (sorry about the length!)

    This is my first post and I would really appreciate some advice from you guys. I had bought a macbook pro in January 2008. Since then I have had constant problems. The first issue was a problem with the graphics card which failed for which apple promptly sent me a replacement machine. The second time I had problems with a faulty LCD which caused faded spots to appear on the screen. The screen was replaced by a macgenius in store, and he also installed some ram i had brought from apple. Hoping this would be the last of my troubles i went home and as soon as i turned on my computer the screen was black!:eek:So I rang up apple care who told me to back in store, for which i had to book an appointment for in 4 days time! I was told it was failed ram and they replaced it promptly in store. So after a month with everything working well another problem occurred, my mac would stay on the grey start up screen! i tried booting from disk with no avail, and after several attempts my laptob would not start up at all, causing me to lose most of my data. Apple agreed to send me another replacement which was fine for about a month then i started noticing that the bottom casing seemed to be separating from the main body, becoming so bad that the laptop lid would not close, as it would pop straight back up. I rang apple and they booked a pickup to send it for repair. When I got the computer back i noticed that the left speaker grill was not correctly fixed causing a gap to appear and a clicking every time i shut the lid. I didn't complain because i didn't want to be seen as pedantic or an annoyance to apple who i would fear to lose their patience with me, so i ignored it. Now two months down the line i can see the casing on the right side of my laptop, where all the ports are located, separating from the main body again!

    I explained this to apple and they told me I would have to book the computer in for repair at a macgenius store, but the problem is i am a freelance graphic designer, and i rely on my computer for my livelihood. My clients are already frustrated that I have to keep putting off work due to my previous problems with my mac. I tried to compromise with the after sales guy, but he would not budge with offering me another option, even with taking into account my previous problems. He told my other option was a refund, but as I paid through finance for students in the uk, it would be paid back to the bank. Even though I have paid off nearly half the loan, the money i would receive back coupled with my income would not be sufficient for me to purchase another mac as i have to think about rent and other amenities. The other problem is that i had especially purchased mac compatible software such as the adobe master collection which is incredibly expensive, yet is essential for my career. I contacted adobe and they told me they were unable to send me a windows compatible copy as i have already used the software!!! so i am stuck with macs. When I rang apple to explain my situation, and requested them to reconsider the refund they said this was not possible, as the refund process has already begun, even though a pickup has not yet been arranged for my computer, and it has only been 2 days.

    I have always highly regarded apple customer care to be one of the best, but this has made me feel incredibly bitter. I really don't know what to do! Any advice would be appreciated:)

    p.s. my laptop is the not the unibody macbook pro.
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    Sympathies but I'm not sure there is much more you can do. I've never had a single problem with an Apple product so I'm a little surprised by the troubles you've been though. Hope it sorts itself out soon..
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    I have two thoughts that seem like a strong case;

    1. Don't send it back. They will more than likely send you a return box. This is a formality. No refund will occur until they receive your computer back. It's just like canceling an order (in reverse). If you order a computer, and then refuse to receive the shipment, it goes back with no charge.

    2. It's still working. At your convenience, take it in. Try to gather all your documentation of service and replacement. Maybe the right store manager will give you a replacement or loner. Maybe applecare on the phone could escalate your case to the right supervisor.

    I think sometimes it just takes getting in touch with the right person.
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    Mar 6, 2008
    If you have Pc with you, just download Adobe Creative Suite CS4 for Windows.. Its really unfortunate that all this happened, Im a designer myself, except I been designing on a PC ever since.
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    Jan 8, 2009
    thanks for your advice guys, i'll keep you posted of any further developments.;)

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