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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by WAM2, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Jan 6, 2011
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    ***** Amazing. I Just got a MacBook Pro Early 2008, This is my first MacBook Pro after having used a White MacBook mid 07' for several months, I Needed more power, and a bigger screen. I Got this machine for $500. Its Simply the Best Laptop I Have Ever Seen! The Backlit keyboard is awesome, the LED Backlit Screen Blows me away, The Built in speakers are Amazing compared to every pc I Have used, and blows away the White MacBook. The Design is simply amazing, I Actually Like it just as much as the new Unibody, if not more! Its Amazingly Powerful, A Huge Improvement over the macbook, although The Stock hard drive isn't great, I Upgraded the White MacBook to a 7200rpm drive and it actually boots faster by an average 2 seconds, although programs run better on the pro. Thinking on swapping them. I Know this impression is a bit late but I Thought I Would do it anyway. I Do have the GPU Problem with this macbook pro though, I Was Kinda expecting it anyway, I Will have it fixed. I Wouldn't of mind spending 1299 when this was first released, But I Wouldn't buy the new entry MacBook Pro because of its GPU, I Personally hate Integrated GPU's and Until Apple actually thinks to put a good dedicated back in like the 320m, 9600, 8600, 330m, I Wont be buying one.. The 9400m was a start but for the price they could've done better.
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    Welcome to the club ;)

    BTW I agree with the integrated GPU thing. My 13" MBP has a separate NIVIDA card, and I hope they'll put them back in in the 2012 refresh when I'm getting a new one.

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