Macbook pro freezing at login screen

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by evanmav, Mar 9, 2013.

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    Okay so i put my macbook pro to sleep at like 9 percent and didn't touch it until a day later so when I opened the screen it didn't turn on so I assumed it died. I plugged the charger in and turned the mac on like I normally did. When the login screen popped up I selected my account and I typed in my password and then like 5 seconds later I got the spinning beach ball. I waited like 5 minutes and it never unfroze so I tried 2 more times rebooting the machine and logging in and it did the exact same thing.

    So I tried booting in safe mode and I typed in my password and it froze giving me the beachball but then unfroze and actually logged me in. I'm really worried that there's something wrong with my mac. As soon as I got in safe mode I went to my system preferences and turned on automatic login so I would skip the sign in step. I booted up my mac and I had no problems! I dont know how to fix it and I googled it and most answers said to uncheck automatic graphic switching but mine doesn't have that option since my laptop was bought in the summer of 2010 macbook pro 13inch.

    So has anyone ever experienced this and has fixed this solution? I'm worried I only have a temporary fix and that soon my hard drive will crash or something. My computer hadn't been running slow or anything before the crash so I'm just wondering why letting my computer die and the next time I try booting it back up that it wouldn't log me in.
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    boot into the Recovery Partition and use Disk Utility to check the drive

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