Macbook Pro freezing, kernel panic, not booting up

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Alan1234, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Alan1234, Sep 27, 2017
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    Sep 27, 2017
    Yesterday, my Macbook Pro completely froze whilst I was using it (never done this before). I had to do a forced shut down. When turning the macbook back on I would get this flash of code appear over the white screen with the Apple logo on, it would only stay a few seconds, then my login page would appear. I would try to login, but after my first attempt, the macbook would shut down and repeat the same process (with the code appearing on the screen). I would then normally be able to enter my login details on the 2nd attempt, which would leave me with the loading screen with the progress bar - which would take ages and eventually freeze when the bar was showing to be fully loaded.

    This was how the problem started. From here I tried various methods, from resetting the PRAM, SMC and booting up in recovery mode. When in recovery mode I eventually figured out how to perform first aid on my SSD (as it was encrypted, I needed to mount it as before it was greyed out). The attempt to repair it with first aid was unsuccessful. I ran it twice, and both times it gave different reports of what went wrong - not that I understand what the output info meant. I also ran a quick AHT - which produced an error - 4HDD/11/40000004: SATA(0,0).

    During my numerous attempts of restarting my macbook, one occasion the flashing folder with a question mark appeared when attempting to start up. Now, when I try and start it, I just get the white screen with the Apple logo with a progress bar that doesn't seem to load, then my macbook screen just goes blue/black - then resulting in the need for a forced shut down.

    I did eventually manage to boot up from an external HDD with a CCC backup on - although this was painfully slow. But I believe that might be due to having only 19GB free on a 1.5TB drive.

    Macbook Pro spec: Early 2011, 13", upgraded 16GB 1333Hz Crucial RAM, upgraded 1TB Samsung EVO SSD. These upgrades were made probably 2 years ago. Never had a problems.

    Thank you in advance for any help or advice anyone can offer. I've been searching all night for solutions and I am looking for what you guys think, and then perhaps a way of narrowing down the possible causes.
  2. Samuelsan2001 macrumors 604

    Oct 24, 2013
    Those models have a notoriously flaky HDD sata cable they can be replaced for less than $20, an easy home job. The fact that it boots from an external (its slow because you are on USB 2.0) and gives you a sata error all suggests this is the most likely problem.

    Sata cables widely available on amazon

    Guide for replacement
  3. Alan1234 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 27, 2017
    Thank you very much. I thought it may have been the SATA cable from researching. I was just unsure of why I initially experienced what I believe was kernel panic, before the issues escalated. When opening up my MacBook and inspecting the wire, it seems visibly fine and not deteriorated (as I've read of people saying about the roughness of the top plate causing deterioration of the cable). Would you expect there to be visible signs of wear-and-tear? Thank you.
  4. Samuelsan2001 macrumors 604

    Oct 24, 2013
    I wouldn't nessecarily expect signs of wear and tear they just seem to fail in some cases. Slowdowns and panics have been noted previous to a cable failure in other machines as recorded on mac rumours numerous times.
    To be honest at the price they are it's worth a try with the cable, as even getting a diagnosis on a 2010 will cost far more than just replacing the cable and giving it a go.
  5. Alan1234 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 27, 2017
    Thanks for the feedback. Yea I bought one today, so i'll see how I get on tomorrow :D.

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