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    Jan 25, 2010
    I have a 17" Macbook Pro with 4GB RAM and 3.06GHz processor. It is just 5 months old. Since the past 3 days I have been experiencing frequent hangs where one application or sometimes several applications hang with a beachball(rainbow) wheel. The hang stays for anywhere from 10-50 seconds and is repeated at anywhere from 5-30 minutes. It is starting to get really annoying. I did a repair disc several times untill it said OK. I also fixed permissions. I also did a fsck -fy from single user mode. Yet the problem persists and the Repair Disc utility finds problems every time i reboot my computer. I still cannot find a solution to this problem (Apart from a zero wipe of the Hard disc and an OS reinstall but it seems far fetched. I checked the console and everytime there is a hang the following messages are displayed.

    1/25/10 10:00:30 PM kernel disk0s2: I/O error.
    1/25/10 10:00:30 PM kernel
    1/25/10 10:00:30 PM kernel
    1/25/10 10:00:30 PM kernel /SourceCache/AppleFSCompression/AppleFSCompression-24/Common/commonUtilsKern.c:337: VNOP_GETXATTR for /System/Library/Spotlight/Automator.mdimporter/Contents/MacOS/Automator: 5: error
    1/25/10 10:00:30 PM kernel /SourceCache/AppleFSCompression/AppleFSCompression-24/Compressors/Type4/compressorType4Imp.c:88: fh_getxattr /System/Library/Spotlight/Automator.mdimporter/Contents/MacOS/Automator: error
    1/25/10 10:00:30 PM kernel vnode_validate_compressed_file_Type4 error: -1

    I know I/O error means bad sectors so erasing might help but i need help before i go to that. Also there are 2 blank lines after the I/O message. And plus the next 2 messages have something to do with automator , spotlight or some compression. Please help. Thanx in advance.

    PS: uploading a screenshot of the console window. :)

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  2. StevenLee76 macrumors newbie

    Jan 27, 2010
    Send it back to Apple if you have IO error

    I have same random System Hanging with beachball in my 15" macbook pro ... and the best part in my case is if I just turn off (force off) the macbook there is no IO error recorded in the system log ... I have to wait like 30 mins to 2 hours until system finally get out hanging then I can check the log and find the IO error recorded ... This was troubling me for few month ...

    Few days ago I finally wait and saw the IO error in the log , I bring my MBP back to apple store and show them the system log... They replace my hard drive right away ....

    Backup your data before you send it to Apple..
    Good luck...

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