MacBook Pro hangs on shutdown...


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Aug 15, 2002

i have chronic macbook pro pains. after a day or so of use, it refused to stay asleep. i try to restart the machine, as this usually solves the problem temporarily, and then it hangs on shutdown.

i think the two may be seperate problems?

i try to shut it down, the screen is blue, and the thing just revolves and revolves....

it's really frustrating.



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Jun 7, 2007
Have you zapped the PRAM and reset the SMC?

If so, and if problems still persist with sleep, check to see if any PowerPC processes are running in Activity Monitor. Sometimes PPC processes running in the background can cause problems with sleep.

Do you have iDisk syncing turned on (automatic or manual)? A bug in the MirrorAgent process sometimes causes the system to hang when shutting down (although it usually hangs BEFORE it reaches the blue screen with spinning gear). At other times (but certainly not always) you get an alert stating that MirrorAgent refused to quit. The bug has persisted through many OS updates. The only solution I've found is to just use the iDisk in online mode, with all syncing turned off.

If either of these apply to you, give these recommendations a try.


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Jul 14, 2007
It's a "common" problem. A new build of 10.4 is coming soon to address this specific problem. I have the same problem.