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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Navin2012, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Hi, this is my first post on this site and I need some advice on how I should deal with my problem. Sorry if it's too long.

    On the 18th of June I was reading some blogs with my 13" Macbook pro when all of a sudden it froze. This was happening quite often and I would usually just hold the power button for 5 seconds and everything would be alright. But for some reason it just came up with a white screen and blinking folder with a question mark. I decided to use my dad's laptop and google the issue. Apple's website said that I must put in the install disc to use disc utility but the disc wasn't with me(I left it at my friend's place). The next day I got the disc and tried to boot it up but it wouldn't read it for some reason. It was probably damaged so I booked in a genius appointment the very next day.

    The genius guy had a look with my laptop and told me that the hard drive is there but the partition isn't so everything in it is gone and I need to pay to get it recovered from a data recovery centre. I asked for an explanation to the sudden disappearance of my partition as my computer was only 1 year and 23 days old and that I had 3 years worth of assignments in it. He said he couldn't explain what had happened to it. He told me that since the laptop was only 23 days past the warranty he would replace the hard drive for free. I was quite angry that apple didn't want to bear responsibility for the failure of my hard drive and that it was my responsibility to back it up. Fair enough but it was their responsibility to put in a working and not a defective hard drive. So my dad called them later that day and asked what has happened to the hard drive and they still couldn't explain to him and he blamed it on a dent I had at the right corner of the display which occurred 6 months before the incident and that it was also turned off at that time. He agreed to give me back the old hard drive for recovery.

    The next day I receive a call for me to pick up my laptop, mind you the journey takes about an hour and a half to get there. I received a call at school from apple to tell me the laptop is ready. I brought my friend along as he has never seen the apple store before and we waited in line for a staff to assess us. The manager greeted me and asked me if I needed anything and I showed him my genius work sheet. He told me he was new and he didn't know what he was doing so he sent me to another manager to handle me. I showed the guy my sheet and he went to the back to collect my laptop. He came back and he briefed me on what apple has done and he told me that the hard drive was corrupted. I told him that the genius the day before couldn't explain it to me but how did you find out. He stuttered and told me that the people at the back found out about it. I said that I wasn't responsible for the hard drive and that I wanted them to recover my data. We told him that the law states that if it was a manufacturers , the consumer has the right to get it fixed for free. He told us that he has never heard about that law and asked us where we got it from. ( We then started discussing about the failure of the hard drive and he insisted that I should be lucky for getting it replaced free of charge. He then said that he was also new and that he doesn't know what he is doing and that he loved the argument we are having with him. Awesome customer service.

    Fine, I signed the papers and inspected it downstairs at the apple store. I turned it on and nothing happened, restarted it and the welcome menu came up but froze when I was typing. Restarted it again and same thing. It was getting late and I gave it one more go and it finally worked. After setting it up I turned it off. I turned it on again in the train and it came up with a kernel panic screen and it told me to turn it off. I restarted it and same thing. Did it the third time and it finally worked but applications kept on freezing and quitting. I also noticed three new minor dents on the bottom and a deep cut on the display lid which was noticeable I typed up my assignments when I got back home as I was already past the due date and that I was running on extensions. I tried saving a pages document and kept on giving me an error. It froze after the 5th attempt on trying to save it. The whole laptop wasn't functioning and I waited for 15 minutes to see if it will come back. It didn't and I was forced to turn it off. I had to retype my assignment and I didn't sleep at all so I was awake for a day. I turned it off and left it for charging and then turned it back on again and the same thing happened. The folder with a question mark appeared and I became furious as I just lost another batch of my assignments one day after repairs.

    I called the apple store and asked for a member where I could complain and I was redirected to Singapore head quarters. My dad explained the problem and she said she would have to call the apple store. She also said the manager will call my dad about the issue as my dad wanted a replacement. The manager didn't call and a few days later we called Singapore again. After days of waiting we managed to talked to the manager and she told me to go to the apple store again for her to asses it. I booked an appointment with her at 4 o'clock but I came at 12.30 because I was rushing. I asked for the manager and the staff told me she was at a meeting and that she won't be back till 4. Fair enough. Another staff member found another manager to handle me and it was the same one I had before. He took me to a genius member and he was told that he was briefed about the issue and he has to asses it. He did some checks and he said he would need to run some stress test on it which would take about 5-7 days. I signed and said yes and I asked wether or not I could speak to the manager about a replacement and he told me she is away and that she emailed the staff to handle me. I was at that time truly angry and I left the building.

    So now I don't have a laptop to work with for my assignments and trial exams. Apple also damaged my laptop because my previous sheet said there was a dent on display and scratches and the new sheet said that there are a FEW dents and scratches. I know this is really long and I'm truly sorry but can someone please tell me what to do. I desperately need a computer and apple wouldn't replace it even though it has been damaged by them. Can someone please advice me on this issue because apple is not really helpful and I'm desperate! Thank you so much!
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    Get AppleCare if it's still applicable (sounds like you're 23 days out of warranty so YMMV)

    Backups are always the users responsibility. Get a TimeMachine or put your assignments on something like Dropbox.
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    I wont comment on the issues you are having with customer services/Apple as nothing I say will be of any use, but sometimes hardware fails and there's nothing the manufacturer or yourself could have done about it; HDDs are especially susceptible in mobile devices.

    As for the data loss and who's responsibility it is... it doesn't really matter at this point as it is already lost, but I would certainly say that there was a failure on your part to not foresee the possibility of losing the data, be it through a hardware/software defect, physical damage or the laptop being stolen. You should always backup important files and I can see no reason not to with data being so portable these days. Apple even goes so far to make backing up extremely easy and convenient by including Time Machine with the OS; they don't exactly hide it. Heck, for documents you don't even have to use a tool; just email them to yourself and/or save them to a USB stick every now and then and you have a backup somewhere out there.

    Scratch it up as a lesson learned, sometimes **** happens and you failed to do what you could to minimise the impact it had, though I suppose you might not need to with iCloud just around the corner. I am sure everything will get sorted out for you sooner or later.
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    Op - way too long. Tell us just the facts if you want people to read and help.

    Hard drives can and will fail at any time. No law on earth will compel a manufacturer or vendor to retrieve your data after a failure - if that were the case, noone would be able to make money selling hard drives. The best you can hope for is a fresh replacement (blank) drive.

    It's your responsibility to take backups, particularly if you have important data.

    Even a vendor who normally gives excellent service (Apple) isn't going to be at it's best if you go in in a furious mood, making accusations and mis-quoting irrelevant laws. This is a tough learning experience for you - but your lost data was your responsibility and noone elses. You need to loose your attitude, go back to Apple and try to work through the remaining problems that exist in order to get your Mac back.
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    I stopped reading after here:

    Sounds like you got great service to me and hopefully you've learned something. Backup your stuff.
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    I hate to beat a dead horse, but your lost data was your fault. Like someone else said, what if you lost the laptop or it was stolen? What if God-forbid your house burned down and it was destroyed? What if is always the question. I have always backed my important documents, pictures, and music to an external drive so I have them. Now with the availability of cloud services, this is easier than ever to do so there is really absolutely no excuse. I have all my school documents in folders in my Dropbox. I can access them on my laptop, Android tablet, and iPhone, plus I can access them on any computer, not just mine. It's really a great service!

    As for external hard drives, does the Time Machine backup work with non-Apple external drives? I have a 1TB external Seagate drive and don't really have the need to buy another one when I get my Mac, but I want to be sure that I can still use that drive to backup my MacBook and don't need to get a Time Capsule.

    Anyway, to the OP, good luck to you. I hope you at least get a working laptop back, but as for your date I think you just need to chock this up as a hard lesson learned.
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