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    i just wanted to make a thread about the macbook pro heat, and share my experience.

    i saved up for a mac for 6 months, originally it was for an iMac, but after the screen smudge/dirt/dust issue that many were reporting, and apples lack of support, i had to let go of the iMac.. and it ended up being a macbook pro.

    i had to research the MBP as i did the iMac, to see if there was any issues with them, and i noticed a "heat" issue going around.

    people were saying things like:

    it burns their legs.
    touching towards the monitor end of the body above the keyboard was getting
    "blazingly" hot. to the point where you would pull back with your hand if you touched it, but not quite enough to burn you .

    that the fans kicked in very easily at full speed becoming really loud, and that the macbook pro would get really hot and the fans would kick in even during everyday tasks, like web browsing - not necessarily even youtube.

    well, heres my experience, and i would like other here to share theirs.

    i just got my first mac ever earlier this month, the late 2011 macbook pro - 15inch base model.

    and let me tell you - i was incredibly pleased to discover how FLAWLESS the heat of it is.

    before i bought one, in the weeks before i did, i actually went to a couple of stores to check out a macbook pro in store. neither was hot, i even mentioned it to one of the staff, my concerns about this "heat issue" he said this macbook pro has been running all day, feel it - yes it was very very cool.

    i said to myself however "but the macbook pro is running no tasks so its not really a good test"

    but i have my own now and heres what i can share:

    i rarely hear the macbook pro fans kick in loudly, i mean rarely.

    the times iv heard it kick in, is maybe 5-10 minutes after watching FULL 1080p video, and i don't mean youtube video, i mean blu-ray quality video, 26GB size file.

    web browsing never makes it kick the fans in or get hot, only while watching youtube videos for a more prolonged time.

    it gets more than warm towards hot while importing/exporting video in iMovie, or video editing. this video I'm talking about is also full 1080P HD video straight from my canon 60D.

    the fans will get loud and it will get kinda hot while gaming.

    otherwise, most times :

    the macbook pro is at most, just warm. if I'm running a couple of apps, it can even be really really cool.

    which really left an impression on me because i have come from a plasticky windows 7 acer laptop that wasn't half the power of this machine.. and it was Always warm after a 1hour use. even using a lap desk. even after i'v applied arctic silver 5 compound twice in its history to bring its cpu temps down to the 30's/early 40 marks.

    the cpu and gnu on this macbook pro generally are in the late 40s or in the 50s, but the body still remains cool a lot of times. - very impressive.

    at the moment, with quite a lot of apps running including iMovie, my macbook pro is just warm.

    also worth noting -

    it has a speck hard case on it, and a keyboard silicone guard, so it could probably be even cooler without these add ons.

    but i will also say that i rarely have the mbp on my actual lap, its usually always on my lap desk.

    whats your experience?
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    Yes there are tons of threads on this already, but thank you for sharing your experiences. I have the same results as you and think people make too much out of this

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