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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mlichocki, Oct 30, 2016.


Which MacBook would you recommend?

  1. 2.0 Ghz MacBook Pro (no Touch Bar) - 8GB Ram

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  2. 2.0 Ghz MacBook Pro (no Touch Bar) - 16GB Ram

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  3. 2.9 Ghz Macbook Pro (Touch Bar) - 8GB Ram

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  4. 2.9 Ghz Macbook Pro (Touch Bar) - 16GB Ram

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  1. mlichocki macrumors newbie

    Oct 30, 2016
    I was wondering if you guys could help me out here, as I'm due for an upgraded Macbook and am undecided about which to get.

    I current use a mid 2009 MacBook Pro with a 2.53 Ghz processor and 4GB of ram. I was anxiously waiting for this years upgraded MacBook Pros to upgrade, but the high price point and all the negative feedback has me skeptical now. I'm studying engineering and frequently use my laptop for PSPICE simulations, as well as some C++ and Java programming (I guess it would be fairly light programming compared to professionals). I also frequently program using MATLAB. I was hoping to spend somewhere between $2000-2500 on the new MacBook Pro (Canadian dollars), but for the base touch bar model with 16GB ram is looking at $3000 price tag.

    Initially I thought 16 GB of ram would be a near necessity if I hope for this laptop to last me as long as my last one did, but with the high price I'm looking for some feedback. I'm open to all suggestions that could help me shave some dollars, and if this really is the best option then so be it, but at least I'd have some reinforcement to my decision and I'll know I'm not spending unnecessarily. I guess my questions boil down to:

    Would 8GB of ram be adequate for the next 5-7 years considering my use of the laptop?
    Would the 2.0 Ghz non-touch bar version be sufficient? or should I really be going for the 2.9 Ghz touch bar version?
  2. Tayljones6 macrumors member

    Oct 7, 2016
    With running simulations I would go with 16gb. I'm like you and don't upgrade for long periods of time and I use an 2008. I don't know Canada prices but listen to your heart and go with it. The base new 2016 MacBook Pro would be better then what you have but I can't tell you what you need in 5-6 years.

    The 15" base is a good machine and may not be to much more then the 13" your looking at. Not sure what screen you have now but the 15" will be lighter and smaller the the older 15".

    If you have a bestbuy or other big electronics store chain you should look into a 2015 open box.

    My suggestion will be think about what you really want and then decide. The shipping dates have been pushed back till late November to early December on the touch bar models. If you want something higher end save some money and wait a bit.

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