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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by phillies262834, Jun 15, 2012.

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    About a 1 1/2 months ago, my mom spilled coffee on her 13" Early 2011 Base Model MBP. The machine went dead after about 5 minutes and she took it to an apple specialists and told her it would cost $900 to fix. Two weeks later it rebooted, but with the keyboard completely fried. The next day it died again. Another week or two passed and it rebooted again just like last time. About a week later it died again and hasn't turned on since. She could not take the older toshiba laptop so she bought a new late 2011 13" yesterday. So today she said a could try to fixit. Following the guide on ifixit, i removed the logic board without damaging anything. I then soaked it in 91% rubbing alcohol for an hour. After letting it dry for another hour and blowing out anything left in the components with an air compressor, i reassembled it and plugged it in and it fired up, but the keyboard is still fried. In fact, I'm on it now typing on a bluetooth keyboard from my mac mini. The backlight works fine but only a few of the keys work. Is there a way to clean it without having to replace the top case or keyboard?
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    You can soak the top case in alcohol like you did the circuit board, but separating it from the rest of the machine is not trivial.
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    Dodgy keyboard buttons on Macbook Pro?

    Hi guys I had this problem as well on a (brand new front panel installed) i found this link on youtube and it totally fixed my dodgy number 2!

    Don't put up with this keyboard angle problem fix it !!

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