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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by marshallbedsaul, Dec 29, 2010.

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    Ok so my gf has a macbook pro has issues with the keyboard.
    We just pulled it out of storage its been there for over a year.
    And she cant recall if she spilled anything on the keyboard.
    So we boot it up and noticed that only some keys are responsive
    and others dont work, backlight still works just fine so its annoying.
    I reset pram and installed 10.6.5 didnt change a thing.
    So any help would be great.
    She is willing to take it to apple to fix the problem
    I recall they have a flat rate service ?
    Can someone explain details for me along with cost.
    Also with that flat rate service will they fix the latch
    or replace a missing screw or two on the outer casing?

    Her model
    Model Family: MacBook Pro
    Display: 15"
    Processor Type: 2.16GHz Core Duo
    Model Number: A1150
    Color: Aluminum
    Factory: China
    Production Year: 2006
    Production Week: 25 (June)
    Production Number: 3159
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    Its possible she did waste something on the keys if some are not responsive.
    If something was sitting on it, that could also be a possibility that it may have done some slight internal damage on the wires connecting the keyboard.
    Who knows, it may just have some dust in it and she could just turn over the top case, pull it out and blow on it.. ha..

    No, but really, i would say she's probably on the right track, could've had sum type of moisture inside of it, or the keyboard has just become faulty.

    I honestly cannot tell you any flat rate services. My guess for a keyboard and the inverter to close the lid you could be looking at $300+ at some shop, I suppose. Apple could be Higher.
    If she is willing to crack it open, I would suggest and do it yourself, just go find the parts (not necessarily on That site, unless you just Want to.)
    You may be able to find a keyboard for a nice price. But I had a A1150 1.83GHz Core Duo 15" MBP, but I still have the keyboard... although when it was on the comp I could never get it to illuminate.. Don't know if that was a faulty plug on my side from previous moisture or the guy who sold it to me made a fib (i wasted something on my LAST keyboard and bought it for a replacement. It worked great tho. didn't care for illumination too much personally. all keys functioned.)

    But thats just an option.

    Hope this can help.

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