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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by JamesMcFlyJR, Jun 1, 2016.

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    May 12, 2016
    My computer is a late 2013 model bought in august 2014 (refurb). I never bought apple care and my 1 year warranty expired a while ago. 2 weeks ago, I took it to apple to fix the staingate. But for the past 4 months, I have been having spontaneous shutdowns (shutdowns for no reason, happens with handbrake (100% cpu) or just viewing pdfs (no cpu))

    Video proof>

    I took it to apple about this problem (last week) and I was able to replicated the exact issue infront of a genius working there. Real nice guy but he said something about me paying for the repair. Anyway he send it off to apple and two days later I get it back. According to apple, the wifi card was "broken unit" (but it always worked no problems) and they replaced it for free. I also got this "90 day warranty for any future problems Apple Care" with my computer. However, that repair did not do anything to fix my problem. I continue to have the shutdown problems. Since I dont have a warranty/applecare, do you think if i could show them the problem a couple more times (and they dont know how to fix it), they might give me a replacement? Is it possible I could get the new 2016 model (that is if the new mbps are released at WWDC)? What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.
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    No chance of getting a new device. Since you have no Applecare, unless it is due to the known issue, you are very unlikely to get a free repair. I took my my 2012 rMBP into Apple today due to random restarts, turned out to be due to the known graphic system problem, which they will repair for free. However this repair program does not apply to the late 2013 models.
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    I already got a free repair in the form of the "replacement wifi card" which i wasnt having any problems with.

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