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Aug 25, 2012
Orange County, CA
Please help:

After trying to back up with an external drive (and formatting the new drive per the instructions as popped up in each window) my MacBook Pro 10.5.8 has not been functioning properly.

1.) Time Machine was not able to complete the back up due to an "error"
2.) unable to print from my wireless printer: "error in printing"
3.) Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: no sound nothing coming from
4) short hand key to copy and paste not working ( to copy: hold command +
C, correct?)
- as I tried to copy an URL & copy & paste it to anothe tab it wasn't, my
error sound activated each time. Thought I brain fartted. Tried: control+
C & Control+V = error sound. Lastly, tried command+click on my track
pad : WHOOOF! my toolbard GONE!!
Went to View, Customized Toolbar: tried to drag & click to bring to my
toolbar= NOTHING, unable to move. ...

I know the very very basics, turn on.. search the net. I have no known viruses.. I have had many countless repeated issues with this MacBook Pro from the first day of purchase. Most have been unresolved. This is a new issue. I would appreciate from my heart, any suggestion, any.

Thank you.:cool:


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May 22, 2008
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Well, someone is going to say it; might as well be me. You have no known viruses because there aren't any for Mac OS X. There.

Now, your multiple problems and history as reported seem to indicate some things have gotten messed up. Most people who are familiar with OS X have few, if any, problems. I think you might start by reinstalling the OS to get things back to the way they were before you got involved. (factory defaults)