Macbook Pro lid - how far back to it extend when closed?


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Feb 19, 2008
So long story short, I dropped my macbook 3 feet onto carpet. It put a slight dent in the lid, Im not worried about it but it made me notice how the lid when it's closed, extends slightly more in the back. Is that normal?

like if this is the back:
____________ (lid)
___________ (body)

but it's not that dramatic, like a few mm.

So I guess I'm being paranoid, and surely the drop didn't do that. Thanks in advance


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Jul 18, 2011
pretty obvious that it should be flush, but i like your illustration anyways.

Do you have a warranty on it? and is there any internal or noticeable damage to the actual screen?

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I'm only telling you this because I got sent a private msg about doing it once before.
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